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Australian man barely survives, should have had this

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Lachlan M. was a college student who borrowed his parents Jeep to explore the Western Australian coast.

But when Lachlan veered off the main road to explore the mudflats, the trip took a dangerous turn.

He thought the ground would be solid enough for the Jeep, but he was wrong.

After his vehicle became stuck, he tried to free it, but with no luck.

He tried to dig his car out of the mud and using a shovel, Lachlan worked so hard that he scraped the skin off his knuckles trying to free the vehicle.

But the car was stuck…

So, he spent the next two nights without seeing another soul, and sleeping in extreme conditions.

He was losing hope of ever seeing his family again…

‘I started having thoughts about ‘Am I even going to make it out of the park? Should I even be sleeping? Should I be walking right now because I only have so much water and I only have so much time?’ Lachlan said.

‘I figured that if I didn’t get moving if I didn’t find my way out of the park, I was probably not going to make it,’ he said.

With four water bottles, a map, and a sleeping bag he set off to find help.

He spent two days trekking across the outback walking nearly 30 miles.

When his water ran out, he drank from puddles.

Fortunately, he came across another driver who stopped and took him to the nearest hospital.

Doctors told Lachlan that his muscles were shutting down and he was lucky to be alive.

Thankfully, he made a full recovery after spending time in the ER.

Now, whether you get stuck in mud, snow, or rocks you should be prepared to get yourself out.

As you see with Lachlan, you never know if you will see another person on your travels.

Plus, if you get stuck while bugging out from a disaster or emergency, you could be in grave danger, so you need to be able to free yourself.

Considering this, here are a few tools to consider keeping in your car in case you get stuck.

ARB TredPro Traction Boards:

ARB is a big name in the off-road product market, known for producing quality equipment.

The TredPro boards are designed to go in front of the vehicle’s front wheels, and are sold in a pair.

They work by providing traction to the front tires to pull the vehicle out.

The boards are made of a patented composite construction.

They use nylon material for flex and durability and to reduce wear and tear from tires.


The Trac-Grabber is a device that goes on tires that are spinning.

It is a rubber block that you secure to your tire with a strap.

When you slowly give the car gas the rubber provides traction to lift you out and stop the spinning.

The device is made with EPDM rubber and heavy-duty “D” rings. It should be placed on the two drive wheels for best results.

The grabbers come in many sizes so you can find the right pair for your vehicle, whether it’s a car or a large truck.

ARB Recovery strap:

The only drawback to using a recovery strap is that it requires another vehicle to pull you out.

Now, you could use a regular rope that is strong enough, but a snatch or recovery strap is your best option.

The reason is regular rope or tow straps can be dangerous if they break.

When buying a recovery strap make sure that you buy one strong enough for your vehicle weight.

ARB makes many different recovery straps that are durable.

Only connect the recovery strap between automobile frames or designated tow points.

Never connect it to the body or bumpers. Keep the strap tight as you pull the stuck vehicle.

Getting stuck can happen to anyone, no matter how skilled of a driver you are.

There is always a chance you will run into snow, mud, or difficult terrain, and you need a way to get yourself free.

Keeping these tools in your vehicle can help.

Plus, you may be able to lend a hand to help others when disaster strikes.

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