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I’m working on my survival gear and everyone I talk to says a water filter is essential. But, couldn’t I just use my stove to boil water before drinking it? This is what my city tells me to do if they think the supply has been contaminated.

-From Julie T.

Answer: If you do boil water for drinking you should bring the water to a full boil for about 10 minutes. Also, remember that it may take about 30 minutes for the water to cool down from the boiling point.

Now, if you boil water, this will kill viruses, parasites, and bacteria. However, it won’t remove lead, pesticides or any toxic chemicals. In fact, boiling water that contains lead or chemicals can make the water more toxic because when boiling you actually remove water.

But, the amount of lead or chemicals remains the same. So, to be safe, I would purchase a quality water filter that removes bacteria as well as chemicals. Plus, a water filter is a heck of a lot faster than having to boil water.


Thank you for all the incredible information you share. I know you have mentioned installing a security system, quality deadbolt locks, and putting security signs in your yard. However, do you think these things make criminals want to target your home? I mean does it make them think there are valuables inside?

-From Clark R.

Answer: Most thieves steal for money. They often steal to support a drug habit or other problem. The majority of criminals aren’t doctors or lawyers. They aren’t the smartest people on the planet.

My point is, they are looking for easy victims and targets. Criminals would much rather target a home with no security system and a cheap door lock. Thieves want to break into a home in silence. They don’t want a loud alarm going off.

The fact is, if I am a burglar, I want the home with the easiest access that offers the path of least resistance, not the home that’s going to notify police.


What are your thoughts on a baton for self-defense?

-From Kenny L.

Answer: Batons wouldn’t be my first choice for self-defense but they are better than nothing. Before buying a baton, I would check your state and local laws.

Batons are legal to own in many states. But, in most states they aren’t legal for civilians to carry. In some states, you need to be a police officer or on-duty security guard with a permit in order to legally carry a baton.

In other words, as a civilian it may be legal to have a baton in your home and that is about it. I wouldn’t make a baton your primary home defense weapon. I would rather have a gun. (A baton means you have to get close to the intruder to stop them. A gun means you can stop them from a distance.)

If you are going to buy a baton, you could buy a baseball bat and achieve the same thing.


I love my tactical pen that I purchased from you! My question is if I use the tactical pen against someone will I get arrested?

-From Pat W.

Answer: The tactical pen can serve many purposes. But, if you use it against someone then your actions should be justified. If you harm someone with the pen it should be because your life is in immediate danger.

If I am in fear for my life or serious bodily injury, then I am allowed to use my tactical pen to defend myself and I am not breaking any laws.


Would you get the Covid-19 vaccine if offered?

-From Lincoln T.

Answer: I haven’t yet. Maybe one day. It’s obviously a personal decision and everyone should do what they believe is best for them. I firmly believe in freedom of choice and that it shouldn’t be forced on anyone.


I’m a single female that lives in NYC. I started a new job that is far enough away that I cannot walk to work. But, I don’t want to buy a car since I live in the city. Do you think options such as Uber or Lyft are safe?

-From Kaitlyn R.

Answer: I have never used Uber and don’t recommend it. In my opinion, they’re more dangerous than taxis and it’s a lot easier for a criminal to sign up as an Uber Driver.

Uber claims they do background checks, but they must be using only the $9.95 type of background checks that are a complete joke. The taxi cab industry is heavily regulated and monitored by local governments so the drivers are screened better.

Uber doesn’t have this same type of scrutiny, therefore it’s easier for drivers to have criminal backgrounds. Just google “Uber Attacks” and you’ll see what I mean.

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