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Why Navy SEALs love holographic sights

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In 2003, when U.S. forces moved into Iraq, military leaders worried that retreating Iraqi soldiers would destroy infrastructure.

Specifically, there was concern that Iraqi forces would blow up the Mukatayin Dam (a hydroelectric dam located northeast of Baghdad).

Destroying the dam would cut off power to the surrounding area, cause massive flooding that could lead to countless deaths, and slow the advancing U.S. forces.

To secure the dam, a joint mission between U.S. SEALs and Polish Special Forces was greenlit.

Their goal was to take control of the dam and secure it to allow for advancement of U.S. soldiers.

The SEALs were inserted by helicopter and fast-roped onto the dam.

Within a few hours, they had secured the dam and the Iraqi forces surrendered.

The SEALs searched the dam for explosives and maintained security until the U.S. Army could take over.

One of the best-kept secrets in the U.S. military is the gear carried by SEALs.

These guys are the best of the best, which means they have some of the best equipment in the world.

Plus, each soldier can customize their load-out to some degree.

And many Special Forces guys love having some type of holographic sights on their rifles.

If you aren’t familiar with holographic sights, they use a 30mm tube with a red diode inside. The tube projects a beam of light.

The red laser forms a reticle that projects onto a prism. This allows all other colors to pass through except red. That’s because the reticle is red, and is what the shooter sees.

They are very similar to a red dot scope. They are meant for close-quarter shooting.

There is no magnification when using a holographic sight.

The biggest advantage is that it provides a precise MOA and has a larger reticle.

You can use holographic scopes on both rifles and pistols.

If you’re thinking about adding a holographic sight to your firearm, there are a few things to keep in mind while comparing various makes and models.

First, only buy one that is weatherproof. You should be able to depend on your sight in rain or shine.

You want to make sure the sight you buy doesn’t hinder your periphery view.

Also, consider the life of the battery.

A holographic sight won’t do you any good if it never has power. Try to find one that uses ordinary batteries so you can always have an extra set.

Finally, you want a scope that is shockproof and temperature-proof. You should take good care of it, but any gun accessory needs to be durable.

Now, here are a few holographic sights to consider adding to your gear…

EOTech HWS Model XPS-2:

EOTech is one of the most popular holographic sight manufacturers. They have some of the most advanced sighting systems on the market.

The XPS-2 is one of the shortest and lightest sights they sell. The design gives more space for rear iron sights.

The scope has multiple brightness settings and a large field of view. This is good for quick target acquisition.

The mount is compatible with both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails.

Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II:

Vortex is another company that makes high-quality accessories.

The Vortex is perfect for close-quarters shooting, especially in the dark.

It has 15 brightness settings along with four night-vision settings.

It has a fast holographic display and target acquisition.

It also has a large viewing window with FHQ technology, which means it gets rid of stray lights and is better for stealth operations.

The scope has a snag-free design and is one of the best alternatives to EOTech.

EOTech 512.A65 Tactical:

This is one of EOTech’s most popular holographic sights. It’s designed for speed and versatility.

The sight is made from durable aluminum and has a tool-free mounting bolt, making it quick and easy to attach to your weapon.

The sight operates using two AA batteries, which makes keeping back-up batteries on hand simple.

It’s resistant to temperatures between -20 and 150F.

Plus, it’s water and fog-proof, and also possesses anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings.

The 512.A65 is compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver rails.

The only drawback is that the sight doesn’t have any night vision mode.

Like any accessory, you need to remember that you may be forced to use your gun without it.

What I mean is, if the battery goes dead in a home defense situation, you still need to be ready and know how to use your iron sights.

But if you have ever thought about picking up a holographic sight, these three are great options to consider.

Go to your local gun shop and see if they have them on display.

They might even have them on a weapon so you can see what a holographic sight can do.

If you buy a sight, it’s worth spending the money on a quality one that you can depend on and trust.

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