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Mailbag Monday

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I’m spending my tax return on a new gun safe. My question is will a fireproof gun cabinet also work as a Faraday Cage? I’m assuming if the safe is fireproof then it will be completely sealed.

-From J.R. Sanders

Answer: Depending on the specific fireproof safe there is a chance it could work, but I wouldn’t count on it.

You see, many fireproof safes are actually designed with seals that expand when heated.

In other words, these seals aren’t as tight as they would need to be to work as a Faraday cage. Another problem is that if your safe has an electronic lock it will probably be damaged and won’t open after an EMP attack.

So, I would get one with a spin dial lock such as a Sargent and Greenleaf.


It’s summer time in the big city. This means I will be experiencing regular blackouts. Do you have any tips for staying cool in the summer with no A/C?

-From Tristian L.

Answer: Having a generator would be ideal to use fans to keep air flowing and even to use a small A/C unit.

In addition, you want to make sure and block the sunlight from coming into your home with blankets or black trash bags. Also, a wet towel is a great way to cool down and you can even use a wet towel and fan to create a little cooler airflow.

Lastly, obviously stay in your basement where it’s a lot cooler than upstairs in the bedrooms.


This summer I’m taking a cross-country bike trip. I am very nervous when it comes to safety. Any advice?

-From Lou C.

Answer: I imagine you will have limited space to carry extra things. But, the one item I would absolutely take with is a tactical pen. This can easily be carried no matter where you are and can keep you safe.

Of course, other items I would recommend if legally allowed would be a gun and a stun-gun flashlight.

Lastly, don’t get in any road rage incidents. When some knucklehead driver gets in your way or cuts you off, just let it go and never flip them the bird.


What are your thoughts on the latest information that the virus may have come from a lab? Is it possible this virus was developed in China and Wuhan was the test city?

-From Terry T.

Answer: Yes, that is 100% possible. The Chinese have plenty of labs and have a robust biowarfare program.

Also, as history has shown, they really don’t care about their people and treat them like crap. (As all Communist governments do.)


What type/brand of AR Pistol do you recommend?

-From Willie M.

Answer: There are a bunch of companies these days that make good AR pistols such as Springfield Armory, Daniel Defense and Ruger. You can’t go wrong with purchasing any of those.


If I have my smart phone on airplane mode, will it still give my location if someone is tracking me?

-From Adam H.

Answer: It depends on your specific model of smartphone and the technology it uses.

Basically, GPS technology is a different type of radio signal than other types of signals on your smartphone.

GPS is a receive only signal and it is typically still turned-on during airplane mode. Therefore, you can receive the data from GPS satellites without any need for a cellular signal.

In fact, even if you are on a plane, it is possible to receive the GPS broadcasts. The best thing to do is to simply turn your phone off if you think someone is tracking you and put it in a faraday bag.

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