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Which Rifle Sling Is Best For You – Vickers?

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The military depends on their training, toughness, and ability to overcome challenges.

But, this isn’t to say that they also aren’t equipped with the best gear money can buy.

They have state-of-the-art weapons and gear that helps them get the job done.

And one example that highlights the strength of our military and their weapons was the rescue of Jessica B.

Jessica is an American that was an aid worker in Somalia.

She was working with locals to raise awareness about how to avoid land mines.

Jessica was traveling with a worker named Poul when their convoy was stopped by armed men.

The man supposed to be guarding Jessica and Poul gave them up to land pirates.

The kidnappers immediately demanded a ransom payment of $45 million. The payment was never made.

In captivity, Jessica developed a kidney infection.

Her health was in danger and the kidnappers didn’t provide any medical care.

Jessica and Poul slept on mats in the open desert for 93 days.

During this time, Jessica spent many weeks in solitary confinement.

But on the 93rd night of her captivity, she and Poul slept surrounded by about nine guards.

Many of them slept within a few feet of Jessica.

Without warning, the night erupted in gunfire.

Jessica’s first thought was that they were being kidnapped by another group.

According to Jessica, she laid on the ground and covered herself with a blanket.

She kept still as gunfire continued around her.

Then, a man pulled the blanket off of her face and called her name.

He said, “We’re the American military, and we’re here to save you, we’re here to take you home. You’re safe now.”

The American picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and ran across the desert to safety.

She was returned safely to her family. According to Jessica, it felt like a scene from a movie.

The men who rescued Jessica and Poul were members of Seal Team Six – the best of the best from the U.S. Military.

These men are equipped with the best gear money can buy.

But, one piece of gear that is sometimes overlooked is a rifle sling.

This is a critical piece of equipment that helps a shooter transition quickly from their rifle to pistol.

But when it comes to rifle slings there is a debate between single-point and two-point slings.

So, let’s take a look at the differences of each so you can decide which is best for you…

Single-point sling:

A single-point sling, as the name implies, attaches to your long gun at a single point.

The sling is usually a large loop that goes around your body and often has a bungee-style tether with a hook.

The single-point sling usually attaches to your rifle behind the pistol grip.

It’s pretty simple to use a single-point sling on a rifle or shotgun.

And it allows you to safely let go of the long gun and transition to a sidearm.

Two-point sling:

The two-point sling is slightly more complex than the single-point.

Two-point slings use sliders and a tensioner that allows you to adjust the length of the sling.

It’s worn the same way you would wear a single-point sling.

But the two-point sling has two attachment points – usually on the top or side of the rifle.

Now that you know the main differences between these two slings…

Here are several different sling options you may want to check out.

Vickers 221:

Vickers slings are some of the most popular slings among military shooters.

The 221 is a two-point sling that allows shooters to switch from two-point to one-point in seconds.

A RED swivel is sewn to the front and a standard push-button swivel is woven into the rear of the sling.

This allows full adjustability of the sling.

The latest versions use nylon hardware, which is lighter and stronger than plastic hardware.

Vickers slings are sold by Blue Force Gear, and the Vickers 221 sells for about $90 new.

Magpul MS4:

The Magpul MS4 is another sling that can switch between one-point and two-point setups.

The MS4 features push-button QD sling swivels, as well as a steel ring to convert from one-point to two-point style.

The sling is made from nylon material and designed to withstand wear and tear from constant use.

The MS4 is made in the U.S. and sells for $60.

Viking Tactics Sling:

The Viking Tactics sling is a two-point sling designed for those who move around a lot.

Two pull tabs allow you to adjust the length instantly.

This is ideal if you are moving and shooting from different positions.

It’s lighter compared to other options but is known for having a long length.

This can be good if you are wearing other gear, but you may want to shorten it with tape if needed.

The Viking Tactics sling sells for $60 new.

You should always train with both a rifle and a pistol, because you may need to quickly switch from one to another.

A sling can make this a lot easier, plus it can free your hands to do other tasks, so consider adding one of these slings to your gear.

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