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Mailbag Monday

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Because of the state I live in I cannot carry a gun for self-defense. Instead, I carry a knife in case I’m attacked. When it comes to knife laws if I pull a knife out to defend myself is that illegal? Is it like pointing a gun at someone?

-From Kevin P.

Answer: Most laws regarding knives are similar to gun laws. What I mean is, you’re only going to pull your knife if you’re in fear for your life or serious bodily injury and you’re only going to pull a gun for the same reason.


I just moved into a senior living apartment community. Do you have any security tips for apartments? There isn’t a secure entrance to the apartment building.

-From Ruth A.

Answer: One of the first things I would do is ask your landlord if you can change the locks.

Also, a common way criminals access apartments is through a sliding door, so if you have one, make sure it’s always locked and put a piece of wood or something in the door track so it can’t be opened.

Finally, I would purchase doorstopper alarms. These are pretty cheap on Amazon and they can alert you if someone opens the door.


How much propane do you recommend keeping on hand? Is there any concern about the safety of storing propane? Will it explode?

-From Jeff M.

Answer: I recommend having 30 days worth of propane to run your generator. With that being said, I wouldn’t plan on running your entire house for 30 days but just your basic necessities to reduce the amount of propane you need to store.

Propane tanks are safe and I have no concern storing them. I store them in my shed and you can store propane tanks indefinitely and you can have as many 20-pound tanks as you want.


I just learned that the VPN I’ve been using was compromised by hackers. How do I know if a VPN is storing my personal information or internet surfing habits?

-From Lenny P.

Answer: The best thing to do is to contact the specific VPN you may want to use and ask them for their customer privacy policy.

The VPN that I use these days is Proton VPN.


I have a Cutco Cutlery hunting knife that I bought 20 years ago. It has a very good metal. The handle is also incredibly strong. Are these types of knives good for a bug out bag?

-From Ian W.

Answer: This knife sounds like it could be used in your bug out bag or other survival gear. Depending on the size, I’m not sure it’s something you would want to carry on your body, as it may be too big to always have with you.

Also, the best survival knives are full tang so that the blade won’t snap if you need to do any digging or prying with it.


With it being summer does your everyday carry gear change? Are there any extra EDC items you recommend carrying now that it is warmer?

-From Bill L.

Answer: My EDC items stay pretty consistent throughout the year. The only difference is the fact that I might adjust my EDC gear depending on the clothes I’m wearing.

For example, in the summer if I’m wearing shorts, I may carry my Sig P365 in my pocket instead of carrying my Springfield 1911 that is easier to conceal in the winter.

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