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Mailbag Monday

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With real estate selling like hot cakes I recently sold my home. But, I’m renting for now until I decide where I want to live. But, my landlord has banned guns from the rental per a contract. Can he do this?

-From Colton P.

Answer: Generally, a private landlord can ban firearms from their property, but specific laws vary from state to state. Government-assisted housing must respect a tenant’s right to bear a firearm.

However, the housing authority can still prohibit firearms in common areas. But like I said, non-governmental landlords, with no applicable state or local laws, have the right to do want they want on their own property regarding firearms.

However, how will they know you have any guns?


I’m concerned that our government is going to try to take away our firearms. What is the best way to contact our federal, state, and local governmental officials to voice my opinion while being anonymous. I don’t want to be a target and be the first to have my guns taken.

-From Keith L.

Answer: If you want to stay anonymous, I would suggest contacting them by e-mail. You could simply create a burner e-mail address that you will only use for contacting your representatives.

I would do this from a public computer at a library. But, if you can’t leave your house, create a dummy email address but make sure you are using a virtual private network (VPN) on your computer before sending any email and use something like hushmail.


I downloaded a VPN for my smartphone. But, I was wondering if I ever get in a car accident and the police try to ping my cell phone, will it give an accurate location? Or will I appear in New York when I’m really in Los Angeles.

-From Harold T.

Answer: Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question because it depends on the specific smartphone and the VPN. A smartphone’s location services uses either your GPS or your internet IP address. It’s usually one or the other.

If you have location services turned off, the location data is taken from your IP address. In that case, the location will show the location of the VPN connection.

If you’re looking for privacy, turn off the GPS and your internet by itself won’t give you away. For example, right now my VPN shows that I’m in New York City and I am thankfully not.


I’m buying my first AR-15. What barrel twist ratio do you recommend for an AR-15?

-From Donny R.

Answer: Twist rate is the ratio of inches the bullet travels down the barrel to rotate the bullet one full turn. In a 1:9 twist rate, the bullet makes one full rotation every nine inches.

The twist rate plays a role when determining what ammo to use to achieve peak performance. Most modern AR-15 barrels will come in one of three twist rates: 1:9, 1:8, and 1:7.

The 1:9 barrel is best for stabilizing lighter and mid-weight bullets between 45 and 77 grains.

The 1:8 twist barrel is the most versatile and the perfect option for a 16-inch carbine AR-15. This barrel can stabilize up to an 80-grain bullet. Yet, it still provides enough flexibility for shooters to use lighter ammo.

If I were buying an AR-15 I would buy one with a 1:8 twist ratio.


I moved back to my family farm. It is about 300 acres. Recently, I’ve run into trespassers that come onto my property to hunt.  How should I handle this?

-From Wes M.

Answer: First, I would install “No Trespassing” signs around your property. Next, I would set up game cameras in areas that you think trespassers may access your property.

If you catch someone on your property, I would not try to detain them. You are not law enforcement and it’s just asking for trouble.

I would politely ask them to leave, and collect any evidence such as video on a phone or security camera. Then contact police and ask them to remove and trespass them from your property.

I would never use any kind of force unless it was justified, meaning that you kindly asked them to leave and they came at you and tried to attack you.


I’m afraid that if someone were to break into my home during the night, that I would be so sound asleep I wouldn’t hear anything until it’s too late. Or, if I did wake up, I’d be so out of it that grabbing my gun would be dangerous. Any suggestions for this?

-From Lenny A.

Answer: First, I always recommend having an alarm system including sensors on the doors, and windows, as well as motion sensors. Hopefully, an alarm system would alert you if someone was inside your home, so install one loud enough to wake you up.

Second, if someone is breaking into your home, you will snap out of that “groggy” factor almost immediately thanks to an adrenaline dump.

Also, I recommend having your guns in a rapid access safe so that you have to enter the combo to get it open. (This will wake you up plenty so you’re just not reaching for a gun on a nightstand where you could accidentally pop off a round.)

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