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Mailbag Monday

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How does a satellite phone benefit you if others do not have sat phones and the cell towers are down which everyone else uses?

-From Betty G.

Answer: If you’ve purchased a satellite phone for emergencies you should talk to your family or friends. Ask them if they have a sat phone or if they have ever considered buying one.

If the cell towers went down, you would still be able to talk to others who have a sat phone. Also, if you have a sat phone you should still be able to call 911.

Another thing is that cell phone coverage is very spotty. What I mean is, one of your family members two miles away not have cell service. Yet, someone 20 or 200 miles away might.


The pandemic was a wake up call for my wife and I. We want to start building our food storage and survival gear. Where is the best place to start? What is the most important thing to do?

-From Roger T.

Answer: The first three things I would work on when it comes to preparedness are water, food, and security.

Humans can only survive about three days without water, which is why it’s #1 on my list. I would look into getting a water filter as well as storing water in your home.

Next, I would build up your food storage. I would built up at least a 30-day supply of food as soon as you can.

Finally, I would make sure you have security measures in place. This could be purchasing a gun or installing a home security system in your home.


Can hackers get into satellite phones like they do with regular smartphones?

-From Ben C.

Answer: Satellite phones can be hacked. But, it is a lot less likely to happen compared to regular smartphones.

Sat phones have limited capabilities. This means there are less ways for hackers to hack their way in. Sat phones don’t have apps stores.

Plus, hackers focus on things that make them the most money. There are a lot more smartphone users than satellite phone users. It’s not worth the time for hackers to target sat phones. But it could happen.


I was wondering what you would do in a scenario where you would be lost in the woods and you know the natural water sources are not safe to drink? What should you if you know the water is contaminated?

-From Amber M.

Answer: I would make a homemade filter (using my t-shirt to filter through rocks, sand, whatever I could.)

Since humans can go about 3 days without water, you do have some time. Also, always keep a water filter in your bug out bag in your car for emergency purposes.


Is reloading ammunition legal? I’ve heard stories of people being arrested for reloading their own ammo.

-From Justin T.

Answer: Federal law says a person must be a licensed manufacturer if they engage in the business of selling or distributing reloaded ammo for livelihood or profit. But if they reload only for personal use they don’t need a license.

So, if you sell reloaded ammo in anyway it would be illegal.

Reloading your own ammo can be a huge money saver. Especially with the current ammo shortage. But, make sure you follow the law.


My wife is not comfortable with guns in the home. What are your thoughts about paintball guns for defense? I know that some police departments use a type of paintball gun for riot control.

-From Shane O.

Answer: Police across the country have been using less lethal methods to stop rioters including paintballs, pepper balls, rubber bullets, and even flash bangs.

While these may work to disperse a crowd, I would never recommend paintball guns for home defense.

If someone is trying to kick in my front door at 3am, they are not there for good reasons.

They are probably trying to kill me or my family and the last thing I want is a paintball gun. I want a real gun that will stop them from attacking my family. But, if you don’t want to have a gun, get a large blade such as a machete.

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