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Mailbag Monday

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Can you recommend a small gun safe suitable for a single pistol (1911 size), that can be mounted to the floor or a cabinet and accessed with a thumbprint?

-From Mel G.

Answer: Check out the SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe. Depending on the exact size of your 1911 this should fit. The interior of the safe is 9.7 inches long and 6.7 inches wide.

The safe has a biometric fingerprint scanner. It also has a back-up digital keypad and an override key. It is designed for a single gun and includes bolt down hardware to prevent the safe from being removed.

You can set your own combination for backup access to your pistol if the fingerprint access fails.


I’ve tried to remove as much information about myself from the internet. Do you know if it is possible to remove satellite views of my home and backyard from Google Maps?

-From Larry V.

Answer: You would need to go through the process of requesting Google to blur the image. The thing is, they will normally do this for a home, but usually require a legitimate reason to blur other aspects such as the yard.

Of course, you have nothing to lose by trying. To get the process started, go to Google Maps and once you see the image you want to blur, click on “report a problem” and tell them you want to blur your house.


I bought a Desert Eagle S&W .40 caliber. I have seen that I need to use brass ammo in it. Can I use full metal jacket in it?

-From Thomas R.

Answer: I would definitely avoid using any type of steel cased ammo such as Wolf brand. The problem with steel is that it is usually harder on the gun.

What I mean is, brass gives a little more than steel. Over time, steel can damage the extractor.

You can use a full metal jacket round with this gun and that’s what I would recommend. I would check out brands such as Hornady or Speer Gold Dot. Both of these brands are quality.

When you purchase ammo, you should test it with your gun to make sure it cycles as it should.


I have a Ruger SR 9 and purchased a laser sight. My problem was when I lined it up to my front sight it was dead on but if I went back to 10 feet it was higher than my front sight. Do you know if this is the case with all laser sights that they have to be adjusted for every distance change?

-From Michael M.

Answer: Laser sights can provide better accuracy when shooting but they do have their disadvantages. The problem is that your laser sight is usually mounted under the barrel or to the side of your barrel.

If you zeroed your sight at ten feet and then as you move back to 25 yards or more, the laser will continue to rise. As the distance increases, you will be farther off target.

If you are using this only for home defense, zero it for 5 or 10 yards.


I have a Sig M18 with thumb safety. I am not yet proficient with releasing the thumb safety. I never put my finger on the trigger before pointing downrange. Am I safe to carry safety off?

-From Craig H.

Answer: I never recommend carrying a firearm with the safety off. If a gun has a manual safety you should train to switch the safety off. You should practice enough to the point that you can switch the safety off as you draw the weapon.

For most people, I do not recommend a thumb safety since it requires more training.


Should I use a virtual private network (VPN) for my smartphone? How do I use it?

-From Ken T.

Answer: I definitely recommend using a VPN on your smartphone. These days, smartphones and tablets can be targeted with viruses and hacked just like a computer.

Depending on the type smartphone you have, you can go to the app store and download a VPN app for your phone.

For example, with an iPhone, simply go to the app store and search VPN. You’ll see many reputable companies with VPN apps for your smartphone.

Once you’ve downloaded a VPN, log in anytime you’re using the internet on your phone to keep yourself safe.

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