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5 Tools to easily keep your AR-15 in top shape

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William K. was involved in a dispute with one of his neighbors over damage that occurred to a vehicle.

During the disagreement, a female who lives with William was struck in the head with a shovel by the other man.

William then shot the man with the shovel.

Now, I’m not a lawyer but this sounds like a clear case of self-defense.

Under New York state law, William must show that he was reasonably in fear of his life or serious bodily injury (or protecting someone’s life.)

In my opinion, a shovel to the head qualifies since you could easily die from a blow to the head.

And while it’s not entirely clear yet what firearm William used in self-defense…

What we do know is that one of most desirable guns for home defense and survival situations is the AR-15.

However, if you depend on the rifle for survival, you should know a few basic repairs and the tools you need.

After all, if your gun is broken and you can’t fix it, you have a worthless hunk of metal.

That said, here are the tools I would recommend having on hand so you can work on your rifle.

AR-15 Vise Block Kit:

An AR-15 vise block is designed to hold the upper and lower receivers in place while you install parts.

It is a great help for quickly building, fixing, or upgrading your AR-15.

And using an AR-15 specific vise block helps prevents scratching the finish of your rifle.

You can buy these vise blocks from most gun shops and they start around $30.

Bench Vise:

Another option to make life easier is a bench vise. It helps you install tiny parts without having to hold the rifle.

You can also use it to hold your AR-15 vise block kit.

Plus, it’s perfect for securing the upper and lower receivers while you torque the barrel.

I would buy a bench vise that is at least four inches.

This should give you enough space to hold all the different parts in place while you work on them.

Roll Pin Punch Set:

A lot of AR-15 parts are installed using roll pins.

These small pins can be difficult to work with, so having the right tool is critical.

A standard punch set will work, but it also can damage the finish of your rifle.

Roll pin punches have a ball-type tip. This prevents the pins from causing damage.

Make sure you don’t go cheap on the set you buy.

Consider the sets from Wheeler Engineering. They start around $25 for a quality set.

AR-15 Armorer Wrench:

An armorer’s wrench is one of the most important tools for your AR-15 because it can do so many things.

The wrench features a combination of functions such as installing barrel nuts, castle nuts, receiver extensions, and many other things.

An armorer’s wrench will make working on your AR-15 a lot easier.

I would check out the armorer’s wrench from Magpul.  It sells for $80 but is well worth the price.

Torque Wrench:

When working on an AR-15, you want to be careful not to over or under tighten the parts.

And certain parts (the barrel and castle nuts) have specific torque specifications you should follow.

A torque wrench will help you tighten these to the exact specifications.

A half-inch drive torque wrench will help you get the job done.

You can find these at most hardware stores and they usually cost around $20.

If you depend on your AR-15 rifle as your survival gun, having the right tools can make maintaining and repairing your gun a lot easier.

Plus, if you ever decide to build an AR-15 you will have some of the tools already on hand.

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