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Mailbag Monday

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I have a group of friends that I regularly go to the shooting range with. A number of them believe that the SKS is very dependable and more fun on the range than an AK. What is your opinion?

 –From Otis W.

Answer: When it comes to the SKS vs. the AK-47, they are both fun guns. However, the SKS has not earned the same reputation for reliability as the AK-47. On the other hand, most shooters will tell you that the SKS is more accurate compared to the AK, but just slightly so.

The SKS used to have a huge price advantage over the average AK rifle. Nowadays, you are still going to pay more for an AK-47, but the SKS is not as cheap as it used to be.

Overall, the AK-47 will have a cheaper cost of ownership, better aftermarket accessories and marginally better ergonomics. If you are looking for an inexpensive, dependable rifle, I would go with the AK.


My wife and I are both turning 85 years-old this month. We need to purchase a new vehicle because ours is done for good. We also thought about not buying a car and just using an Uber or Lyft to get around as we don’t go out very often. Do you think this is a safe option?

-From Willard O.

Answer: I have never used the Uber or Lyft app and I don’t recommend it. In my opinion, they’re more dangerous than taxis and it’s a lot easier for a criminal to sign up as an Uber Driver.

Uber claims they do background checks, but they must be using only the $9.95 type of background checks that are a complete joke. The taxi cab industry is heavily regulated and monitored by local governments so the drivers are screened better.

Uber doesn’t have this same type of scrutiny, therefore it’s easier for drivers to have criminal backgrounds. Just google “Uber Attacks” and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, I would get a vehicle, just in case you need to flee your house during some type of emergency.


I read in one of your books that even if you are expecting a delivery you don’t answer the door? Only answer if you expecting a specific person? What is the best way to handle not ignoring the door if it rings and its unexpected.

-From Kyle C.

Answer: I don’t receive any mail or packages at my home, only at a P.O. box in town, so a delivery person should never be at my home.

However, if it’s a complete stranger, I don’t simply ignore the door because they may think the house is vacant and try and break in.

Instead, talk to them through the door and let them know you’re not interested in what they’re selling or they can just leave the package on the step.

Obviously, this is socially awkward, but it works. There is no need to open a door when you can talk to someone through it.


What secure search engine do you recommend for browsing the internet? It’s scary to think that everything I search for online could be read by a hacker.

-From Olivia P.

Answer: Check out both DuckDuckGo and StartPage. For instance, StartPage uses Google’s search results, but removes all the tracking and logging of your information.

Basically, you are getting the expertise of a Google search, but without all the ads and other information getting in the way.

StartPage doesn’t collect your information or share it with advertisers. Plus, since they don’t collect the information there is no way for it to get stolen. There is nothing for hackers to target.


With the recent tragic events in Boulder, Colorado I wanted to know how you would stop a man who is shooting randomly at people? What do you do?

-From Mike S.

Answer: You have to rush him and take him down. Study how the Israeli’s always rush and take down one of these threats.

This is not the magic answer that people want to hear, but every second costs lives, so you have to move in and disarm and tackle them. (If you have a gun, obviously shoot the guy.)


I have never gotten a concealed carry permit for the simple fact that I don’t trust the government. A permit is like painting a target on your back. What if Congress repeals the Second Amendment, everyone with a concealed carry permit will be the first targets the cops will go after…What is your opinion?

-From Russ L.

Answer: I don’t disagree that obtaining a concealed carry permit puts your name on a government record, but the good thing is, no one will know exactly how many guns you own and where they are located.

As for me personally, I carry concealed every single day and it’s not worth the risk for me to take the chance of getting caught illegally carrying a gun, and so I do have my permit. But, I also have guns that don’t exist and are well hidden and nobody will ever be able to find them.

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