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Mailbag Monday

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Are there 50 and/or 100 round drum mags for the .22?

-From Kevin Y.

Answer: There are both 50 round and 100 round magazines for .22 caliber weapons. But, you will need to find a drum magazine that fits your specific weapon.

For example, I own a Ruger 10/22. The drum mag you can get for this rifle is the ProMag 55-round drum magazine.

These drum magazines are made of polymer. They have heat-treated internal parts and a special crank to manage tension from loading 55 rounds.


During a disaster how do I communicate with my family? I live in California and they are in New York. If my cell phone and landline service goes down I will only have my emergency radio. But, the range isn’t that good.

-From Rochelle L.

Answer: One of the best ways communicate during a disaster is with a satellite phone. I have personally used a SAT phone in remote parts of the world and I can tell you that these are the best way to stay in touch.

Also, HAM radio is a great option because with a repeater you can reach across the country.

If you are going to use a HAM radio, you need a license and you would need to tell your family in advance what frequencies you can be reached on and what times you will be listening such as every hour on the hour or every quarter hour.


What made you to retire in Cedar City, UT?

-From Thomas L.

Answer: When I left the Agency, I wanted to find a small, conservative town to live in. I wanted a place that values freedom. I also wanted a place that was gun friendly.

To show you how great this town is, both the Sherriff and the local health department said they would not enforce any mask mandate orders and that people can do as they choose.

(They were smart enough to realize people would ignore them anyway and this is a free people who don’t bow down like in a big liberal city.)


What is the difference between red and green lasers?

-From Kerry T.

Answer: Both red and green lasers can be seen in low-light conditions. But, in brighter situations, it is usually easier to see a green laser.

However, green lasers are usually more expensive compared to red. The choice between the two really comes down to personal preference and budget.

A red laser will work fine in many light conditions. But, if you want to spend the money and buy a laser that will work in bright sunlight, green is the way to go.


With it being tax season I’m looking to hire a new accountant. I’m also considering investment opportunities with this person. What is the best online background check to do before I give him my money?

-From Sherry R.

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t depend on cheap online background checks. What I mean is, websites that charge $9.99 or $29.99 aren’t really doing much of a background check.

They do simple searches of national databases but they can miss certain details. If the person has lived overseas or in many different states this can create a problem for online background checks.

If you are investing a significant amount of money with this person, I would contact a private investigator. You can expect to spend at least $500 for an in-depth background investigation, but it is money well spent.


My hands are becoming weaker as I age. Is there any exercise or exercise equipment I could use to strengthen my hands for shooting?

-From Joe S.

Answer: There are a few different things you can do to try and regain strength in your hands.

First, take a heavy-duty rubber band or a rubber wristband and put it around your fingers and try to push your fingers apart. This will help with your grip strength while shooting.

Another thing you could try is the hand gripper exerciser, which sells for about $10 on Amazon. This is the spring device with two handles that you can use to improve your hand strength.

Lastly, if manipulating a semi-auto were just too painful, I would consider getting a revolver.


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