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Mailbag Monday

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My wife and I both attended a local firearms training center and one of the items talked about was revolvers and how they would not attempt to sell a person a revolver. Their reason is that revolvers only hold 5-6 rounds of ammunition while the semi-automatic handguns can hold 9 or more rounds and reloading is quicker, especially in a gun fight…

Would you be able to elaborate more on why you have so many revolvers?

-From Scott M.

Answer: You are right that five or six shots in a revolver versus 10 to 16 in a semi-auto is a big difference. But, there are some advantages with a revolver depending on the specific shooter.

For instance, if you suffer from arthritis or have weaker hands, pulling back the slide on a semi-auto can be challenging. Semi-autos are also much more likely to malfunction and you have to practice and have the strength to clear the malfunctions.

Personally, I think revolvers are a great option if they meet the needs of the specific shooter. I always recommend going to the shooting range and renting both revolvers and semi-autos to figure out what is the best fit for you.


How come you don’t have lasers on your guns? I love all your videos but I’ve noticed you don’t have any lasers on your everyday carry guns?

-From Russ L.

Answer: The thing about lasers on guns is that people become overly dependent on them. What I mean is, lasers can be a great accessory that help you shoot accurately, however, lasers are battery operated, meaning they can easily fail.

The last thing you want is for the laser not to work when you are clearing your house in the middle of the night.

So, I think lasers are great and go ahead and get one, but make sure you still practice using your iron sights.


Do you know if the Apple OS can be hacked on a smartphone?

-From Shawn P.

Answer: About 1 in 36 mobile phones have high-risk apps that could lead to hacking. Apple devices are known for being some of the most secure products. Yet, the iPhone can still be hacked. However, more hackers target Android devices.

The way most smartphones are hacked is when the user downloads a malicious application. So, even though the iPhone isn’t hack proof, it is more difficult to compromise compared to other smartphones.


I was once told that the newer cell phones continue to broadcast your location even when turned off. Then I read something the other day that reiterated that. Would an RFID wallet or case prevent that?

-From Bruce J.

Answer: To be totally safe and to make sure you’re not tracked by your cell phone, you would want to put it in a faraday bag. The other option is to just leave your phone at home and not bring it with you.


I’m planning my first trip to Europe this summer. My biggest concern is pickpockets. How do I protect myself from this?

-From Tiffany T.

Answer: Pickpockets are a huge problem in a lot of the world, especially in Europe. You definitely don’t want to walk around with your wallet in your front or back pocket as you normally do in the U.S.

Also, do not get one of those neck wallets that hang around your neck under your shirt. Thieves can see the wallet string around your neck and it’s a dead giveaway for where you’re hiding important items.

Instead, consider getting an ankle wallet or something that hangs down inside your pants such as the Shacke Pocket Vault. Also, don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket, meaning you may have an ankle wallet with some cash and items and the rest of your cash is in a wallet tucked inside your pants.


I am completely new to firearms. I have been shooting with a friend but I don’t own any guns yet. I’m looking for one. When I go to the gun shop I’m nervous about handling guns. What is the proper way to handle the gun so its done safely?

-From Julie P.

Answer: Every store has different rules when looking at new guns, but no matter what, always remember the safety rules. Never point the gun at anyone and treat all guns as if they are loaded.

If you want to see what the trigger pull feels like, I would ask the employee if it’s okay to do so after making sure the gun isn’t loaded, and obviously, point it in a safe direction to pull the trigger.

The safest direction is usually to just keep the gun pointed at the floor while you are looking at it. But again, I would ask the store employee what they want you to do.

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