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Why to avoid “Smart Guns” like the plague

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Technology is a wonderful thing – until it fails when you need it most.

And this is especially true with firearms.

The Armatix iP1 is a semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge, and uses “smart gun” technology.

It is designed and manufactured by the German company Armatix and sells for $1,500 new.

The iP1 is commonly referred to as a James Bond-style handgun.

The reason is, the handgun works with an RFID wristwatch using a smart system.

The gun communicates with the watch through a radio frequency.

For the gun to fire, the watch must be within 10 inches of the gun.

And the gun will not fire without the matching RFID wristwatch.

At least that is what gun control activists will tell you.

According to President Biden, “We have the technology to allow only authorized users to fire a gun.”

A study by Johns Hopkins University found that 79% of gun owners believe gun shops should be selling both traditional and smart guns.

However, only 5% of those gun owners were likely to buy a smart gun.

Smart guns are not a good idea, because as I mentioned earlier, technology fails us way too often.

Plus, one hacker proved how simple it is to defeat the “smart gun.”

The hacker (who we will call Peter) found a way to shoot the gun without needing the wristwatch.

He easily turned the “smart gun” into a regular pistol.

But the thing is, it wasn’t through any high-tech hacking.

All it took was three magnets, a piece of wood, and a screw.

The “smart gun” works by using a metal plug to lock the firing pin.

The plug is then released by an electromagnetic signal transmitted from the watch.

But with magnets purchased from Amazon, Peter was able to unlock the firing pin.

Holding $15 worth of magnets next to the gun caused the firing pin to unlock without the wristwatch.

According to Peter, “I was almost a little surprised myself that it worked as it did. I pulled the trigger and it went ‘bang.” He went on to say, “It’s a fairly obvious flaw.”

Peter quickly notified the company of the issue.

The bottom line is, when your life is on the line you need to know your gun will fire.

And the smart guns and their fancy RFID watches have too many issues that could go wrong and cost you your life.

I would definitely avoid smart guns if I were you.

I want to know that if I have a home invasion at 3am that my Sig Sauer P226 will help save my life and that nothing will slow me down.

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