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The 3 Vehicles Most Likely To Survive An EMP Attack

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When it comes to disasters we all hope that our vehicle will get us out of dodge if needed…

But, what would you do if there was an EMP attack?

An electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic energy, it can be a natural occurrence or man-made.

The problem is, there is no guarantee what will or won’t be damaged from an EMP.

Our electric grid would likely be heavily damaged, if not destroyed – along with anything else electrical…

Which includes our cars.

Newer cars have so many electronic components that there is little hope they would safe.

But, there are a few vehicles that have the best chance of surviving an EMP.

Here are a few to consider…

Volkswagen Beetle 1971 to 1974:

The Beetle is built on very old technology. It has a flat-four air-cooled engine without any electronics.

Since there are very few electrical components it is likely not to be damaged by an EMP.

It became one of the best-selling cars in history.

In 1975 they started producing the Beetle with fuel-injected engines so buy one prior.

The Beetle is easy to work on since the engine is in the trunk and it doesn’t take a lot of mechanical skill.

A classic Beetle in pristine condition can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

But, you can find ones that run well for as little as a few thousand.

Jeep models before 1985:

Many different models evolved from the military-style Jeep.

But, the smaller military Jeep’s were produced from 1944-1984.

They are lightweight and compact. Plus, they are simple to repair, great for off-road, and get good gas mileage.

Since Jeep’s are small, you won’t want to buy one if you have a large family.

But, for two people they are one of the best options when it comes to bugging out and surviving an EMP.

Since Jeeps are an American icon it is relatively easy to find replacement parts.

In the late 1980’s they started adding more electrical components to Jeeps.

So, if you can find an older one it will be more likely to survive.

Ford Bronco before 1983:

The Ford Bronco was first released back in 1966 and it was produced for 20 years.

The early 1980’s models are great for surviving an EMP because they have a naturally aspirated carburetor engine.

This means it has a simple air intake system.

Plus, the air-fuel mixing doesn’t use electronic assistance.

In 1984, they began using electronic emissions equipment, so don’t buy any Bronco made later than 1983.

Since the Bronco is another American-made vehicle it is simple to find parts for.

Plus, the Bronco shares many of the same parts used by Ford trucks during the same years.

Depending on the year, you can find these for as little as $5,000 in good condition.

Now, regardless of the vehicle you choose for surviving an EMP…

Remember to factor in issues such as parts availability, ease of maintenance, and repair.

The bottom line is, the fewer electrical parts a vehicle has the more likely it will survive the blast and be ready to carry you to safety.

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