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Mailbag Monday

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In a video you showed having a gun at your back or chest and the tactics to move and grab the gun or knife. However, if the gun is pointed at my head, three feet away, I would not be able to easily step forward to disarm them.

-From Ron B.

Answer: If someone has a gun or knife on you, they are typically wanting something in return. For example, maybe they are trying to rob you and take your cell phone or wallet.

In this case, they would need to move closer in order to physically take the item. When they move closer to you, that’s the moment you should consider making your move.

What I mean is, if you are going to attempt to disarm the bad guy you need to be in close quarters and able to control the weapon and you can do this by holding your wallet in your hand so he has to approach closer to come and take it.


I was wondering about your thoughts and recommendations on staging various weapons in your home. I have no children at home so that’s not an issue.

-From Gerald K.

Answer: I think it is a great idea to have guns placed in different rooms in your home. You never know if you will be sleeping or cooking dinner when an intruder kicks down the door.

I would keep guns in the rooms you spend the most time in if you don’t have enough weapons for every room. You should be able to access these guns quickly.

I personally have guns in rapid-access safes on every level of my home so I am only a few feet from a gun if an emergency arises.


I was thinking about renting a house through a company such as AirBnB. But, a friend told me per their website guidelines, they actually permit ‘security’ cameras in many areas inside and outside the house but they’re disallowed in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Is there a device available that can electronically sweep for hidden cameras and microphones in a vacation rental guest house, etc?

-From Michael M.

Answer: This is a perfect example of why you want to avoid these types of places and stay at a real hotel. There are tons of products for sale online that market themselves as hidden camera detectors.

The problem is, these days, hidden cameras can be incredibly tiny and they can record over Wi-Fi to a SD card or even to hard drive they are wired to.

My point is, there are so many types of cameras that it’s hard to find one device that will detect them all and most of the devices sold on the internet are cheap junk that don’t work.

The only way to be 100% sure is to hire a professional with the right equipment and this would not be practical. (It costs thousands of dollars to perform a full house sweep.)

So again, I would stay at a real hotel if I were you, which is what I do.


Do you have any suggestions for easy self-defense moves that I can teach my young kids ages 8 and 11?

-From Bart C.

Answer: A few things I recommend for everyone is to remember to strike people in sensitive areas. It doesn’t matter if your attacker is huge, you can fight back by hurting them in certain areas where all humans feel pain.

For example, one of the things I recommend is striking your attacker in their eyes. You simply grab them by their head and press your thumbs into their eyes, which will disorient them.

Another option is to punch your attacker in their throat as hard as you can. Again, this will cause pain no matter how big and strong the attacker is.

Lastly, hitting them in the groin will definitely make them think twice. So, remember, eyes, throat, groin. Even a child can learn do this.


What kind of holster do you use for your every day carry?

-From Wesley T.

Answer: When I carry my Springfield 1911, Glock 19 or Sig Sauer P226, I carry outside the waistband at the 3 o’clock position and I use a cover garment.

I use a kydex holster for these guns. There are a million companies who make Kydex holsters, so just do an internet search for the type of gun you have, plus the words “Kydex holster.”

If I am carrying my Sig P365 in my front pocket, I also use a Kydex pocket holster.


Lately, I’ve been to restaurants where we get seated furthest from the exit. If some lunatic starts spraying rounds around, this would greatly reduce the odds of escape. What should I do?

-From Ken R.

Answer: You bring up a great point. Most restaurants have an exit to the rear. If there wasn’t one, then you should change tables to be closer to the exit. So, never be shy about telling the staff you want another table.

Don’t forget that there is always a back exit out the kitchen for staff. In an emergency, you could run out the back.

However, if some guy is shooting up the place and you have a gun, I hope you’d consider staying and stopping the attack.

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