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Lessons from Scarface’s Last Stand

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Admit it…

Your mind probably flashed to a coked-up Al Pacino screaming “Say hello to my lil’ friend” in a bad Spanish accent.

But this isn’t about that Scarface…

You see, Scarface was the nickname of a famous, 600-pound grizzly bear that roamed the Yellowstone area for nearly 25 years.

The nickname came from the extensive scars on the right side of his face – likely the result of fighting with another male bear.

One day, Scarface was shot and killed in self-defense by a hunter just outside Yellowstone Park.

The hunter was walking down a trail in the dark, wearing a headlamp, when he came upon the bear.

He told investigators that he looked up and the grizzly was standing right in front of him.

The bear was close enough that the hunter could hear it growling.

Moments later the hunter hip fired three rounds from his .30 caliber rifle, striking the bear in both shoulders and the leg.

An investigation by Montana Fish and Wildlife resulted in no charges filed against the hunter.

The fact is, the .30 caliber rifle is one of the most popular rifles for big game hunting.

But the most popular rifle platform these days is the AR-15.

And when you hear AR-15, most people think of the 5.56 round.

Yet one of the reasons the AR-15 rifle is so liked is its adaptability.

The platform allows shooters to change components and make customizations.

This includes modifying it to handle rounds such as .30 caliber.

Considering this, here are three .30 caliber rifles based on the AR-15 platform you might be interested in…

Ruger SR-762 308:

The Ruger SR-762 is a lightweight rifle.

It is ideal for folks who love the ergonomics of an AR but want a .308 carbine.

It will meet your needs when hunting big game, but can also be used as a defensive weapon.

The rifle comes with folding back-up iron sights. The sights have a windage-adjustable rear sight, and elevation-adjustable front sight.

The SR-762 has a chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged 7120 alloy steel barrel and a Magpul grip.

Plus, there is plenty of space for mounting sights, lights, or lasers.

The rifle comes with three 20-round Magpul magazines and sells for $1,700 new.

Sig Sauer MCX Virtus 300 Blackout:

The MCX comes with a cold-hammer-forged 16” barrel that is user-changeable.

The rifle features Sig’s new Matchlite trigger for a crisp pull.

It also has ambidextrous AR-style controls and a folding adjustable stock.

During testing, the MCX fired 20,000 rounds without any parts needing to be replaced. In other words, it is a dependable rifle.

The rifle can be switched from a 16-inch barreled 223 Remington to a short-barreled rifle in 300 Blackout.

All that’s needed are the parts and some basic skills.

SIG offers several barrels, stock, and handguard options for the MCX.

The rifle sells for $1,900 new.

Wilson Combat Protector Carbine 300 Blackout:

Wilson Combat is known for high-quality custom rifles.

Their AR-15 line is known as the Protector series and is offered in 5.56 and .300.

Wilson Combat makes only direct-gas ARs.

Direct-gas AR-15s are lighter and have fewer parts.

The .300 version features a 16.25” barrel with a 1:7 twist rate.

It also has a forged aluminum receiver and a two-stage trigger.

The full-length Picatinny rail means there is plenty of room for accessories.

It also has a collapsible stock and a 30-round magazine.

The Wilson Combat Protector 300 sells for $2,000 new.

The AR-15 platform’s design can handle the .300 with less recoil than that of many other rifles.

So, if you are looking for a .30 caliber on a solid platform, one of these rifles could be a great choice.

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