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Mailbag Monday

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Which is better to purchase: a brand new firearm or a used one from a gun shop?

-From Betty L.

Answer: A new gun is always going to be more expensive, but a new gun is also going to be the safer option. When you buy a used gun, you never know if there are any issues with the gun or even how it has been cared for by the previous owner.

When I buy used guns, I usually buy them from guys I trust and I take them to the range and shoot them. If you are buying a used gun from a gun store with a range, I would ask them if you can shoot the gun before making the purchase.


My question is if you are in a physical fight and your opponent is blocking your punches what do you do? I assuming just keep hitting them until they stop?

-From Dennis M.

Answer: If you are trying to fight off an attacker, you need to hit them where it counts. What I mean is, if you’re throwing punches, it’s probably at their face and most people are use to protecting their face.

But, they don’t protect their “low line” well. All this means is hit them in the groin below the belt. They’ll be so used to you punching high, that they won’t expect a low punch to the crotch. The key is to hit them in areas that cause the most pain.


Are you required to have an FCC license for the type of 2 way radio that you use? I think its the Baofeng UV-5R?

-From Todd C.

Answer: When it comes to these types of radios, license-requirements are based upon the band or frequency you wish to use, not the specific radio model. An amateur radio license is required for transmitting in the amateur bands regardless of equipment used to do so.

With that being said, you can use the UV-5R as a two-way radio using the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) on channels in the 151 – 154 MHz spectrum range. These channels are for short-distance, two-way communications using small, portable hand-held radios.


How many knives should I have with my emergency gear and in my bug-out bag? Is there a good “one-knife-fits-all” you can recommend?

-From Sean K.

Answer: I believe you should have at least one pocket knife and one fixed blade knife in your bug out bag. Admittedly, I have several more, as I like to have back-ups to all of my knives. Also, do not go cheap on these knives.

The $20 knife you buy at Walmart is not the knife you want to bet your life on in an emergency.


I appreciate the information you share. But one problem I have with all the stuff is that people assume that everyone can own a firearm. My wife is against guns. Therefore, out of respect for her I choose not to own a firearm. How should I protect my family without the use of firearms?

-From Lance T.

Answer: I realize that everyone isn’t comfortable using a gun. There are other tools you can use for self-defense.

For example, one of my favorite self-defense tools is my tactical pen. Another option I recommend is a self-defense stun gun flashlight. These are great to carry anytime it’s dark since it appears as a normal flashlight but can be very effective as a defense tool.

Also, I know some people like to carry pepper spray since it can be sprayed at a distance and doesn’t require you to be up close. The only downside to pepper spray is that it’s not always easy to control where the spray goes.

As far as for protecting your home, many people I know who don’t want to use a gun, use a large knife instead. Some also use a baseball bat. The important thing is to at least have some tool to defend yourself.


I’m a concealed carry person. But my friends and I always debate about whether it is wise to carry the pistol loaded? What are your thoughts?

-From Ryan A.

Answer: In a self-defense situation, you will be reacting to a threat, therefore you are already in a position of disadvantage. Drawing your firearm takes time no matter how skilled or quick you are.

Adding another step, such as racking the slide to chamber a round adds time to what could be a life-or-death situation.

My point is, I always recommend carrying a firearm loaded with a round in the chamber. I think it’s a very bad idea to walk around with an unloaded gun.

Plus, when it comes to safety you shouldn’t have any concerns since you should always be following the four rules of firearm safety.



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