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Best Bags To Discreetly Carry Your Rifle

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A Vancouver, WA man sued the city after claiming the police department violated his civil rights.

Mack W. says he was arrested after openly carrying a rifle in the city.

According to police, they received multiple phone calls reporting a man with a long gun walking around.

In the lawsuit, Mack said he carried an AR-15 rifle slung over his shoulder.

He also had a cell phone in his hand. He says he walked into a Burgerville restaurant and purchased a soda without any issues.

But, when Mack was walking on the property of a nearby bowling alley the staff asked him to leave.

Shortly after, police caught up with Mack and issued him a trespass warning.

He allegedly returned to the property later and was arrested by police.

Mack was charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful handling of a weapon.

In a federal court filing, Mack said he declined to show his identification to the police.

However, he said he followed police commands to put down the rifle and allowed them to inspect the firearm.

He says he watched them remove each bullet and throw them on the ground.

Mack was found guilty by a jury.

But, the conviction was later overturned by a judge.

The Clark County judge stated, “I think he’s doing more harm to the rights that he’s trying to protect. But as the law stands here today, I need to protect that constitutional right he has and am doing so.”

I understand Mack has a right to openly carry his long gun…

And you know I’m a huge supporter of the Second Amendment and I carry a gun daily.

But, I personally don’t like to display when I’m carrying a gun.

I prefer the element of surprise.

So, if I were going to carry a rifle where I thought it might draw attention, I would want to carry it in a backpack.

And to be even more discreet, I wouldn’t want this backpack to look like it was made for a gun.

So, here are some top backpacks to check out if you want to discreetly carry your long gun.

5.11 COVRT M4 Bag:

The 5.11 M4 bag design is perfect for not attracting attention while carrying.

The bag has padded foam at the top and on the sides.

It also includes a padded muzzle cup, and weapon retention straps to ensure safety.

The 5.11 bag is made of weather-resistant 500D and 420D tear-resistant nylon. It is an ideal size for most AR-15’s.

Plus, it has two side pockets that are big enough for sub-compact handguns.

UTG Alpha Battle Carrier:

The UTG Alpha Carrier is a budget-friendly rifle bag that will work with most AR-15 style rifles.

It has an ambidextrous design and four quick-pull handles for rapid access to the weapon.

The bag can hold two long guns and one handgun. Plus, it has room for ammo and magazines.

The UTG has three, 2″-reinforced wraparound carry handles for horizontal or vertical carry.

Also, it has heavy-duty zippers with a wear-resistant pulling cord.

Finally, the bag has an ergonomic wide shoulder strap with reinforced padding for extended wearing.

Vanquest Rackit-36:

The Rackit-36 has a main compartment that can hold a rifle up to 36 inches long.

It includes padding inside the bag to reduce the print of the weapon.

The bag is made of mil-spec 1,000-denier nylon – which makes it a very durable bag.

The Rackit-36’s shoulder strap is adjustable for both right or left shoulder-carry.

Also, it is supported by a removable waist strap that gives you a full range of motion with comfort.

The bag includes a water repellent coating and lockable YKK zippers.

Keep in mind that the larger the backpack you carry the more attention you will draw.

I like the three bags above because they are large enough for a rifle, but look like they could be for a number of other things.

This is a perfect way to carry a rifle when you need to move discreetly.

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