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Don’t make this mistake with indoor security cameras

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“I have your address, OK?” This is what a family relaxing at home suddenly heard come from one of their security cameras.

Next, they heard the mysterious voice say, “Taking pictures of the baby? Aw, sweet!”

A few minutes later the male voice turned violent…

One of the family members got up from the couch and the voice yelled, “Sit back down.”

These are just a few of the phrases Ashley and Jake N. heard from their security cameras.

According to Jake, “We’re sitting here watching TV, hanging out as a family. And someone’s using it like a reality TV show or something.”

Someone had hacked into the family’s brand-new security camera system.

When Jake realized where the voice was coming from, he unplugged the cameras.

But, before he pulled the plug the voice screamed, “No! Put me down! Put me down! I have feelings!”

Ashley and Jake thought they had security measures in place.

They used a strong password as well as two-factor authentication…

But, the family says they are done with security cameras inside their home.

Adding an indoor security camera to your home can be a great security feature.

Yet, there are a few things to consider before installing a camera inside your home.

One of the benefits of the camera is that you can keep tabs on your pets, or children while you are away.

Plus, you can check in on your home anytime or anywhere to make sure no one has broken in while you are gone.

Another reason an indoor camera might be a good investment is if you have specific valuables in your home.

For example, if you have a rare gun collection you might want to keep a camera focused on the safe. This way, if any motion is detected by the camera you’ll be alerted.

And if someone does break into your home, you can use the footage from your indoor camera to help police.

But the last thing you want to do when adding a security camera is add a new way for dangerous criminals to get access to your home.

Yet, with any internet-connected camera, there is the chance that someone could hack it.

This is a lot more common with some no-name brand camera. These cameras may be cheaper, but they have little if any security measures in place.

Obviously, more reputable brands have better security features than a $20 camera.

Plus, there are security features you can add (such as a VPN) to your internet network.

In other words, there are ways to keep your internet-connected devices secure.

That said, here are some of the top indoor cameras you may wish to check out…

Nest Cam IQ Indoor:

The Nest cam has some of the best features you can find.

It has 1080p HD live streaming, person alerts, and a 4K image sensor. The image sensor feature allows the user to zoom in on a person and track them within the camera’s field of view.

Another feature is facial recognition. You can create a database of familiar faces.

Then, you receive alerts when a specific person from the database appears on the camera.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor also has a built-in Google Assistant speaker for voice commands.

The Nest Cam IQ sells for $299 and the basic subscription starts at $5 a month.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera:

The Netatmo camera is one of the few cameras that work with HomeKit secure video.

This is a service that works with the iOS Home Application to store video from security cameras.

The video is stored in iCloud.

The Smart Indoor Camera from Netatmo has 1080p HD live streaming, a 130-degree field of view, and night vision.

Also, you can store video with an included microSD card.

This security camera has facial recognition capabilities when you create a database.

Besides working with HomeKit, the Smart Indoor Camera supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera sells for $200 new.

Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor: 

If you are looking for a wireless indoor camera this is a solid option.

It has a remote pan-and-tilt function, super-wide 120° viewing angle, and multiple video storage options.

With your smartphone, you can receive motion alert notifications, review footage, and engage in two-way communication.

Plus, you can store your video on your PC or Mac with the included software.

The Amcrest has a low-light image sensor and IR LED’s to provide night vision up to 32 feet.

The Amcrest sells for $70 new, and if you are looking for a quality camera that won’t break the bank this is a good choice.

Whatever you choose, don’t buy a super cheap camera.

And any of these three should help keep your security tight, without making you needlessly vulnerable.

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