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Mailbag Monday

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Where do you think a person should bug out to if they have no family or safe location to go to?

-From Keith L.

Answer: I would recommend camping in a nearby national park or somewhere in the woods. However, there are two things you need to take into consideration which are, is it a busy camping season? And will the disaster that forced you to leave your home, reach the campground?

Camping is a good solution for a short-term bug out scenario. But also, there are plenty of places in the U.S. where you can buy a few acres of land for dirt cheap and you might want to consider that.


What if you are armed and you identify the shooter and you shoot the bad guy to stop the threat. Then as you shoot, the first police arrive and see you firing a gun. What happens then?

-From Jeremiah T.

Answer: First, if I were going to engage the shooter, I would tell my wife or whomever I was with to call police and tell them my physical description and what I’m wearing. Of course, police are still going to arrive with guns drawn and as soon as I could see police approaching I would put the firearm down or holster it.

But, I would be lying if I didn’t say there’s a chance the police will shoot you. But, in my opinion, if you are trying to stop a madman from murdering a bunch of innocent people, this is a risk worth taking.


Jason, you seem to love America and be very patriotic. But, the U.S. ranks far behind other countries in quality of health care, education, happiness, and safety. Do these issues matter to you?

-From Bradley K.

Answer: I certainly don’t believe all statistics and we know they can be easily manipulated. We certainly aren’t perfect, but we are the greatest country in the world. There is no other country with our freedoms and our protections.

I have traveled to many countries in this world and I would never want to live anywhere else and the US It is still the land of opportunity. (There’s a reason people still risk their lives daily to try to get into this country.)


I live in California and I have a Glock that is my favorite concealed carry firearm. I can’t qualify for a concealed carry permit. It is not legal for me to carry this weapon.

However, with three daughters and a wife, I do like to carry it when we are out and about. Should I carry and take the risk or should I not carry and take that risk?

-From Eddy R.

Answer: I personally wouldn’t take the risk of illegally carrying a firearm. I know you want to defend your family, but the thing is, if you are caught with a firearm during a simple traffic stop, it can lead to serious charges.

My wife is from California and before we were married I told her that I would never live in the state of California because of the gun laws. I’m sure moving isn’t an option for you, but I definitely don’t recommend breaking the law.

Instead, I would find weapons you can legally carry such as a knife or a tactical pen.


Would you please help with a suggestion for a plan to meet up during an emergency? How should we plan to meet up? What if that location is where the disaster is?

-From Beth G.

Answer: Everyone should have a special meeting place not too far from their home in case there is an emergency. It should be a little off the beaten path and not a place that’s likely to be overrun, but it should be easy to get to and remember.

Also, have a backup meeting place in case the first one is inaccessible or too dangerous to get to. And, have a backup to that.

So, you will want 3 different meeting places your family can go to during an emergency. And remember, you don’t want to follow the masses and be where everyone else is.


If the lock on my front door was picked would there be any damage? A few days ago, the key to my front door began suddenly sticking, needing to jiggle it a bit to turn.

Additionally, inside the house there may have been some slight changes, but nothing missing. Is this paranoia or a possibility?

-From Lee J.

Answer: This is a possibility, especially if the person who may have picked the lock is inexperienced.

What I mean is, when you pick a lock once, there isn’t typically damage to the lock unless the person really didn’t know what they were doing and damaged the lock.

Usually, a lock would have to be picked many times for it to sustain any damage. If I were you, I would get some security cameras and an alarm system for your house.

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