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Mailbag Monday

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What are your thoughts on using a laser-aiming device on a firearm?


-From Tim F.


Answer: I think they’re great, as long as you also continue to train with your iron sights. I’ve taught enough gun courses over the years to see batteries go dead and the attendees have no replacement batteries, so they were forced to use their regular sights.

Accessories can be beneficial to add to your gun, but be prepared for them to fail. You need to know how to operate the gun without the add-ons.

What can we do to protect our computers made in China? Are they manufactured with viruses already in place?


-From Harry W.


Answer: If a tiny computer chip for spying is placed inside the device at the time of manufacturing there isn’t any way the average person would know. However, there are certain steps you should take with any device you connect to the internet such as using a VPN (virtual private network), anti-virus software, and strong passwords.


If you could use any gun for home defense what would it be?


-From Sam W.


Answer: I use a handgun. That is because I’ve got kids all over the house and have to clear my house and move through it quickly if there was an intruder. The handgun I’m using now is a Sig Sauer P226. But, if I was single with no kids and could just hunker down in my bedroom during a home invasion, I would use an AR-15.


I’m traveling for the holidays for the first time in years. When staying at a hotel where should I keep my valuables? Do hotel workers have ways to access the safe in hotel rooms?


-From Damon F.


Answer: Yes, hotel staff can easily open these safes and I would never trust them. The problem is, what if a tourist forgot the pin they created? No matter the method used to secure hotel room safes, the hotel staff must always have a way to bypass the security since those staying in the hotel room may lock themselves out of the safe.


When you are out of the room, take all your valuables with you and leave it in your car intead of in your hotel room. (Just your valuables like money, computer, etc.)


I’m a woman and want to buy a shotgun for home defense. But, I’ve shot a 12 gauge and it was a little much for me. I am not very strong to lift and hold most normal shotguns. What about a .20 gauge?


-From Tiffany D.


Answer: When it comes to shotguns, a 20-gauge is a great choice for home defense. A 20-gauge shotgun will be easier to handle, have less recoil and provide more than enough stopping power.


I would try and find a friend who owns a .20 gauge to see if it’s the right fit for you. If you decide to buy one, I would check out the Remington 870 in .20 gauge.


I’m worried about my location being tracked by my phone. To avoid this which phone would you recommend, a flip phone or a low-end smart phone? I prefer to not have anyone listen in on my calls. Thanks for the insight and wisdom.


-From Will H.


Answer: I would lean toward getting a cheap flip phone. The fewer features and frills on the phone, the more secure you will be.


Now, flip phones may still have GPS so I would try to find one that doesn’t or make sure you keep the GPS turned off at all times. Again, the less features and add-ons that the phone has, the safer you will be, which is why I own a flip phone.




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