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3 perfect pants for concealed carry?


Last year, a German man named Arne M. was delivering a yacht with his brother from New Zealand to Brazil.

During the voyage, they ended up sailing through rough seas.

The 40-foot yacht’s mainsheet suddenly came loose in the rough water and Arne was knocked overboard.

He was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans when he went into the ocean.

Arne’s brother threw a life jacket and rope to him, but he couldn’t reach it because the swells were so big.

Without the life jacket, Arne realized he needed a way to stay afloat in order to survive.

So, he decided to take off his jeans and turn them into a flotation device.

“Luckily, I knew the trick with the jeans,” Arne said. “Without the jeans, I wouldn’t be here today, they were the thing that saved me.”

Arne said he saw the technique years ago, and kept it in the back of his mind to use if he ever went overboard without a life jacket.

In short, Arne took off his jeans, made knots at the end of the legs, and inflated the jeans.

Once he had air in the jeans, he pushed them under the water and used them to float.

After nearly 4 hours floating in the sea, he was spotted by a rescue helicopter.

Without his jeans, it would have been incredibly difficult to tread water in rough seas for that long.

The lesson in Arne’s story is this…

To have the best chance of surviving whatever life throws your way, you must take everything into consideration, even your clothes.

That said, here are some pants to check out that can not only be used for flotation, but are great for concealed carry too.

5.11 Ridgeline Covert Work Pants.

5.11 makes high quality pants.

The Ridgeline Covert Work Pants are designed for everyday wear.

They include a Dupont Teflon fabric finish that protects the pants from dirt, stains, and moisture.

For concealed carry needs, there are 8 large pockets sized for things like AR magazines.

Plus, there are 2 hidden rear pockets for small tactical gear or personal items.

The 5.11 Ridgeline Covert pants sell for about $60 depending on the size.

NRA Berne Quick Access CCW Pants.

These pants have two CCW compartments tucked behind cargo pockets.

These pockets keep your firearm out of sight, but still easily accessible.

A MOLLE/hook-and-loop grid system lines each of these compartments.

This will secure any holster that’s equipped with Velcro or belt clips.

Or, you can use the MOLLE loops to carry knives, flashlights, magazines, or other gear.

These pants sell for around $65 depending on the size and color.

Blackhawk Tac-Life Pants.

The Tac-Life pants are made from Nylon Ottoman with Teflon Shield.

This treated material will repel oil, water, and even coffee spills.

The pants have 7 multi-purpose pockets including reinforced knife pockets in each of the front hip pockets.

Plus, it has double front belt loops that can handle clips and badges.

These pants sell for about $75 on Amazon.

Again, it’s important to be prepared, down to the very clothes you wear.

Especially when carrying concealed, as you need to be strategic about what you wear.

You want to make sure your firearm is secure and can’t be seen.

So, these pants and others are good options for gun owners.


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