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Mailbag Monday

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From Will B: I do not have a VPN but I do have my own personal mobile Wi-Fi jetpack unit from Verizon. All of my phone calls and all my internet transactions or services go through the jetpack. Is that secure?

Answer: A Jetpack is a device that works as an internet hotspot instead of using your smartphone or tablet.

The Jetpack supports all WPA-2 security and NAT firewall protocols. Plus, there are security settings that you can enable on the Jetpack device itself. I would make sure all the security settings are turned on.

Even though the device should be secure, I would also use a VPN on each device you connect to the Jetpack. It is always a good idea to have multiple security barriers in place.

From Bailey T: Have you ever heard of a gun trust? I guess it is a legal trust that you put your guns into. It makes the trust the owner of the guns. Is this a good idea?

Answer: One of the reasons you would want to create a gun trust is if you were buying NFA firearms such as a suppressor (silencer) or a short-barreled rifle. The gun trust allows you to easily transfer these firearms to a loved one without having to do a ton of paperwork.

Basically, without a gun trust, you or your loved ones could unintentionally violate laws regulating certain firearms. If your heirs inherit your guns or need to access them in the case of your incapacitation, a gun trust can be an effective way to ensure you stay in compliance with the law and they are cheap and easy to set up.

From Greg R: Thank you for the life-saving tips you share! I recently learned how to escape zip ties. But, what do you do if the bad guy uses heavy duty zip ties like the ones used by police?

Answer: Police typically use zip tie handcuffs. These are zip ties that have a metal wire in the middle of the plastic zip tie. Most criminals won’t have these. They will likely use cheaper zip ties from the hardware store.

But, even if a criminal does use these zip ties, you could use paracord to stretch them out and then shimmy out of them. (If you’ve ever seen me escape rope or zip ties with paracord, this will make sense.)

From Larry R: What is your opinion on carrying a round in the chamber? I have a friend that says too many accidental shootings have occurred because someone carried a live round in the chamber.

Answer: I would never carry a firearm for self-defense unloaded. The thing is, in a self-defense situation you would waste time racking the slide before engaging the threat. Plus, there is the chance you would forget to rack the slide and you pull the trigger and nothing happens.

Only an inexperienced gun owner who doesn’t understand a true life and death encounter would leave their gun empty.

From Kevin D: If you get into a fight and use the tactical pen as a weapon will the cops arrest you for assault? How do you get around that?

Answer: If I am in fear for my life or serious bodily injury, then I am allowed to use my tactical pen to defend myself and I am not breaking any laws. I am not going to whip out the pen unless it’s warranted.

I have had more than one customer use their pen in a self-defense situation and they were always justified and the attacker was the one who got arrested.

From Calvin B: I’ve seen advertisements for tactical flashlights, instead of carrying a gun. Are they worth considering?

Answer: I would never say that a flashlight is an alternative to a gun. I definitely want a gun as my primary weapon. But, tactical flashlights are great for obviously helping you see in the dark and they can blind an intruder too.

Plus, if you choose not to carry a gun you could strike an attacker with the flashlight. I personally own several tactical flashlights, but a gun is always my choice of weapon and the flashlight is a good companion to the gun.

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