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Mailbag Monday

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From Austin S: Have you had a chance to try the Federal Force X2 shotgun ammo? What are your thoughts on it?


Answer: Shotguns are a popular home defense weapon. Yet, when using buckshot ammo there is always the risk of over penetration. The Force X2 is a new shotgun shell designed to lessen the penetration. Basically, the shell is a standard 00 with nine pellets. But when the pellets make contact, they split in two creating 18 projectiles.


I haven’t shot this ammo, but I like the design and idea. You get the stopping power of 00 but with the reduced risk of over penetration.


From John B: If an EMP was to hit the USA and knock out all electricity, would natural gas keep flowing?


Answer: This will ultimately depend on your natural gas provider and how they have their delivery system set up. But, most likely, if the power goes out your natural gas will stop flowing after that.


The reason is because natural gas is piped through regulator stations belonging to your natural gas provider. These stations reduce the pressure to the lines going to your home. The regulator stations often run off electricity. So, if the power grid failed, these stations would eventually stop working as well.


From Jason S: Should I add a space blanket to my bug out bag?


Answer: Space blankets can be a valuable addition to any safety or survival gear. These blankets are waterproof, windproof and incredibly light to carry. They can reflect as much as 90% body heat. So yes, I would definitely have one of these in your bug out bag.


From Mel T: I’ve heard you recommend Schlage locks. Have you ever used any of their keypad or Wi-Fi connected locks?


Answer: When it comes to door locks, Schlage is one of the most secure brands you can purchase. I recommend them and Medeco.


Now, I don’t use any door locks with a touch screen or keypad access because I’m leery of the electronic security aspects. (The more bells and whistles, the easier it is for someone to hack it.) I prefer a standard lock with a key and nothing fancy such as a keypad or Wi-Fi connection.


With that being said, if you do want a quality lock that does have a keypad Schlage is a good brand. I would avoid any locks that connect to the internet and just go with a basic keypad lock.


From Jimmy K: Do you trust the government when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine?


Answer: No. I look at it this way: I never buy a new car when it’s the first model of that car coming out. Why? Because that new model ends up having a ton of problems and it usually takes a few years to get all the kinks worked out.


This is how I look at the vaccine. The first round will likely be full of problems and they probably won’t get worked out for a long time after. The companies that are creating these vaccines are using a lot of new technology that hasn’t been proven in the long run.


From Connor Y: How can I prevent imprinting of my firearm when I conceal carry.


Answer: This term describes when the outline of a firearm is visible, even though the person is wearing clothing over the gun and it’s completely covered.


The way you carry your firearm has a lot to do with whether it prints through your clothing. One of the best ways to carry your firearm to avoid printing is to cant the firearm between 18 to 25 degrees.


Also, if you carry your gun on your hip it is more likely to be seen. Try moving it behind or in front of your hip by a few inches, which can minimize how much it shows through your clothes.


Lastly, you may want to wear a shirt that is one size larger than normal. You want to make sure your clothes aren’t too tight. This makes printing a lot worse.


I carry my gun in my pocket a lot these days and I have nice, big cargo pants pockets that don’t print.

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