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Mailbag Monday

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From Dallas H: Which caliber of defensive ammo do you think is best? What makes it better compared to other calibers?

Answer: I carry 9mm Speer Gold Dot in my home defense gun and my concealed carry gun. With advances in bullet technology, 9mm hollow points will get the job done.

Not too long ago, the FBI released a memo stating why police departments should consider going back to 9mm based on improvements in bullet technology.

There are a lot of folks that will only carry a .45. Yet, a .45 caliber is going to have a lot more recoil and most shooters will be less accurate with a .45 compared to a 9mm. Plus, my 9mm magazine holds more rounds than .45.


From Sheri Y: What are your thoughts on using web browsers to save a password? If a website says, “Remember me?” is it safe to click “yes?” You need a password for practically every website these days and I know they should be different. I can’t remember them all!

Answer: You never want to save your important passwords in the browser for two main reasons.

First, this means that your browser has a data log of your entire login information and if it were hacked, a criminal would easily have this access.

Second, the physical security risk of your computer being stolen means that a thief would have access to all your accounts and information in a heartbeat.


From Kevin G: If I use a shoulder holster without a jacket or shirt over it would it be considered open carry?

Answer: The definition of open carry varies from state to state. Some states specify that open carry occurs when the weapon is “partially visible,” while other jurisdictions require the weapon to be “fully visible” to be considered carried openly.

In addition, some states require that an openly carried firearm remain unloaded. I would say it is definitely open carry. But obviously, check your state laws.


From Marty S: What pistol do you recommend purchasing for a pocket-carry gun?

Answer: I love pocket guns. Right now, I am carrying the Sig P365 which is 9mm. The Sig P238 is another great pocket gun and it’s in .380.

The Ruger LCP is also a solid pocket gun in .380. I would go to your local shooting range and see if you can rent them and test them out to see which one you like best.


From Ron F: Do you have any specific brands that you recommend for shotgun slings?

Answer: One sling to check out is the Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1. This sling system is a dedicated two-point sling.

This system provides quick adjustments to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set. In a two-point position, it allows easy shoulder transitions and adjustability for hands-free carry.


From Edgar B: Is carrying a handcuff key legal?

Answer: I always carry a handcuff key on me and have flown all over the country with one. As far as I know, Florida is the only place where it’s illegal to carry a handcuff key concealed. To be safe, I would check your state laws and your local jurisdiction.


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