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3 Gun Laser Training Options from the Comfort of Home


Whether it’s due to ammo shortages… fixed income… or limiting injuries… it can sometimes be hard to get to the shooting range.

And, while nothing can ever totally replace live-fire training…

Here are a few options to improve your shooting skills and keep you sharp from the comfort of home.

Laser training cartridge: Laser cartridges work in your existing firearm.

First, ensure you have a safe and empty gun.

Then place the laser training cartridge in the chamber.

When you pull the trigger, the firing pin will hit the cartridge like it would a live round.

Instead of a round down range, this training cartridge momentarily emits a visible laser onto the target.

This way you can easily see where your live round would have hit.

One laser cartridge you may wish to check out is the G-Sight Training Laser Cartridge Gen 2.

Laser training firearm: This is a replica firearm that doesn’t shoot bullets, only a laser.

These trainers can be pricey, but well worth the cost.

For example, the SIRT pistol is a popular laser trainer.

The SIRT comes in either a Glock 17/22 model or a Smith & Wesson M & P model.

These are full-sized laser platforms that provide the authentic look and feel of a real pistol.

Laser training firearms can help shooters develop proper grip and trigger control.

The auto-resetting trigger activates two lasers…

One laser activates when pressure is applied to the trigger. This serves as a take-up/trigger prep indicator.

The second laser displays the “shot” placement on the target.

Additionally, the standard sights, functional magazine release, and weighted training magazine, allow shooters to practice realistic reloads.

SIRT training pistols start around $300 and go up depending on the model you choose.

Laser targets: These targets work by detecting light from the laser.

They are not ideal for use outdoors or in bright lights because too much light hampers the laser targets abilities.

One of the best laser targets is the LaserLyte Rumble Tyme Laser Sight and Trainer Kit.

This kit combines a laser sight and laser target.

In laser-sight mode, the laser puts you accurately on target and adjusts to the bullet impact.

You can choose between constant-dot or flashing-dot modes.

In laser-trainer mode, the Lyte Ryder flashes the laser for 1/10 of a second.

The light appears as a dot to indicate a good shot or as a streak to show that your technique needs some work.

The Rumble Tyme target lights up and rumbles when you hit it with the laser trainer.

The laser fits most sub-compact and full-size pistols with rails.

Remember: any time you use a laser training product, always triple check to make sure your firearm is safe and empty of live rounds.

Then, be sure there are no live rounds anywhere near you or even in the room with you so you don’t accidentally grab one.

Even though you are training with a laser, follow all firearm safety rules…

And never point your weapon at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.

Like I said, it’s true that nothing can replace live-fire training…

But these laser trainers can truly help you develop your shooting skills and keep them sharp if you can’t get to the range.

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