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Mailbag Monday

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From Jimmy U: Does dry firing my pistol damage it?

Answer: It depends on whether it’s a centerfire or rimfire. If it’s a centerfire gun such as a 9mm, .45, .40, etc., you can safely dry fire the handgun all day long. If you own a .22 then you do not want to dry fire it.

Basically, repeated dry-firing a rimfire can eventually damage the firing pin, dulling it and causing misfires. However, if you have a centerfire pistol, dry firing is one of the best ways to improve your shooting skills and I do it for at least 10 minutes each morning.


From Tom P: With it appearing like we will have a liberal president in a few months I’m building my own AR-15. Where can I get a jig for a good price so I can build my own gun?

Answer: Polymer 80 makes good jigs. Also check out Palmetto State Armory.


From Hank L: For us normal everyday citizens, given the current state of affairs, do you recommend getting body armor and if so, what kind would you recommend?

Answer: Talk to any police officer and they’ll tell you that wearing body armor everyday is incredibly uncomfortable. It’s hot, sweaty, and burdensome when you’re trying to move around.

So, I would only get body armor for emergency situations. I would not plan on wearing it on a regular basis. Check out a company called Safeguard Clothing. They produce a body armor called CoolMax that sells for around $300.


From Karen C: I live in a state where it is legal for citizens to own a baton. However, simply expanding the baton at someone is considered assault. It’s treated the same as hauling out a lead pipe to smash someone! Is a baton a good idea for home defense?

Answer: That makes sense because it is a weapon that could easily kill someone. It’s just like a gun. You’re only going to draw your gun when you’re in fear for your life and that’s the only reason you’d whip out a baton.

Batons are legal to own in many states. But, in most states they aren’t legal for civilians to carry. In some states, you need to be a police officer or on-duty security guard with a permit in order to legally carry a baton.

In other words, as a civilian it may be legal to have a baton in your home and that is about it. I wouldn’t make a baton your primary home defense weapon. I would rather have a gun. (A baton means you have to get close to the intruder to stop them. A gun means you can stop them from a distance.)


From Mark T: Do you believe we will have gun confiscation with our new President?

Answer: The President-Elect has outlined several policies on his website to reduce the accessibility of guns. He wants to implement universal background checks on purchasers, and institute buy-back programs for “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Biden will try and chip away at our gun rights. I don’t believe he will try to take away our guns his first day in office. Rather, he will slowly try to take away our 2nd Amendment rights over time.

If he tried to confiscate over 100 million guns immediately, that would never happen. That’s why he will do the “buy back” programs to try and trick people to do the work for him.

This is why you should stock up on guns, stock up on ghost guns and keep your eyes open so you don’t become the frog in the boiling pot of water.

Also, we need to pray that Republicans maintain control of the Senate.


From Tom T: When preparing water storage containers do you use a sanitizer such as Clorox on your containers before filling them? Once filled, how long do you keep them before exchanging the water?

Answer: Before filling a container with water for storage, you want to make sure to clean and sanitize the container. First, wash the storage container and rinse completely with water.

Next, sanitize the container by mixing 1 teaspoon of unscented liquid bleach with water. Wait at least 30 seconds and then pour the sanitizing solution out of the container.

Lastly, let the empty sanitized container air-dry before use or rinse the empty container with clean, safe water. As for how long the water will stay fresh, it all depends on how it’s stored.

If the water is sitting in your garage all summer where the temperatures reach 100 degrees, it won’t last as long as if it were stored in a cool basement. Because I store my water in a cool, dry place, I only change it out about once per year.

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