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4 Good States to Buy Bug Out Property to Escape To

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During a riot or disaster, you definitely don’t want to be in the big city… as we’ve witnessed a lot lately.

You want to be in a good rural area.

As our population grows, finding that ideal place to buy such a property is becoming harder.

It’s not that there isn’t any land out there, but rather, the land is overpriced or not desirable.

But before we talk about potential states to buy bug out property, here are some factors to consider.


Ideally, any property would be in a remote location.

Somewhere where you don’t have to worry about unwanted people showing up to loot and steal your supplies.

If it’s remote enough that nobody is going to find it, all the better.

Supplying the location. 

You want to be remote and isolated but you also need to be able to reach the location without any trouble.

Plus, consider if you can get to a nearby town to buy supplies in case you are staying there long term.

Will the closest town have everything you need?


Most likely you won’t have city water.

But, you can try to dig a well.

Worst case, without a well, you’ll need a stream nearby…

Or steady rainwater to collect…

Or have lots of 55-gallon drums or other water containers.

You’ll also need power.

This can include solar and generators, to name a few.

With that in mind, here are some of the top states for buying bug out property in.


The mountains are an ideal place for a survival paradise.

There is usually a water source and plenty of game for hunting.

Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced because I live there…

But there are many places in Utah that are perfect.

There’s rainfall or snowfall, lots of trees, and plenty of game to hunt.


The Western part of Montana is rapidly becoming a survival paradise. The area is growing in the number of retirees who are choosing snow over sunny Florida.

The population is lower than that in comparable states. Plus, there are good rainfall or snowfall and plenty of game.

One drawback to this area is the high elevation. You’ll have a short growing season and a long winter to deal with.


Tennessee is one of the most popular states when it comes to land for survival.

It provides a central location for many people up and down the east coast.

The rolling hills include plenty of trees and game for hunting.

Yet, even though it’s in the east, there are vast parts of Tennessee with a low population.

If I had to pick a state east of the Mississippi, Tennessee would be hard to resist.

West Virginia.

Another good state for east coasters is West Virginia.

Many of the people who live in the Appalachian Mountains are survivalist types.

They hunt, fish, and keep their long guns in the back window of their pickup trucks.

In West Virginia resources shouldn’t be a problem.

And the mountains of West Virginia are wonderful for keeping isolated so you have privacy.

If you live in the Eastern United States, heading to the Appalachians is one of the easiest ways to get isolated.

Consider planning a trip to one of these states near you to see if it could be a future retirement location, or somewhere to bug out when things go bad.

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