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Affordable Night Vision Options for Home Defense

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On the night of May 1, 2011, two Black Hawk helicopters flew toward a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The city was dark due to an unexplained power outage. Under the cover of darkness, 23 Navy SEALs fast-roped to the ground. They had come for the world’s most wanted man.Their timing was by design. The raid on Osama bin Laden’s home was timed to the lunar cycle for maximum darkness.

It took SEAL Team Six 38 minutes to fight its way into bin Laden’s bunker and to complete their mission. And, the ability to see in the dark made it all possible.The U.S. military employs unmatched night-vision technology. In the early days, soldiers used night vision to detect Japanese raids in Okinawa.And night vision was so essential in Desert Storm that it inspired a new military slogan: “We own the night.”

The ability to see in the dark provides a huge military advantage. But, it’s also beneficial in the civilian world.Studies have shown that humans are born with a fear of darkness, snakes and spiders. So, the ability to see through the darkness using a powerful lens is very useful. In other words, you may wish to think about adding night vision to your survival gear.The night vision goggles worn by the U.S. military cost around $20,000 per a pair.

That’s not realistic for most of us to spend.Yet, there are some high quality, affordable options as far as night vision binoculars for your survival gear. Before we take a look at them, here are reasons to consider investing in night vision.


If you own goats, chickens, or other small livestock then you understand the risk of wild animals. Wild animals can attack when you least expect, and it’s usually at night.Sometimes the only way to protect your animals or property is to remove the predators. You can watch them in action with night vision binoculars.  And, if you can identify where the threats are coming from you will be able to get rid of them.

Tactical advantage.

Using night vision is a huge advantage when defending your home or property. The best night vision binoculars give you a whole new perspective that your eyes don’t allow you to see. For instance, you can see an aggressive force approach your home. You can see inside your home in the dark without having to flip on the lights to locate an intruder. Or so you can see while approaching your own bug-out location. Knowing what’s out there is a huge advantage over going in blind. Now, here are some of the best night vision binoculars that won’t break the bank.

Bushnell 260500 Nightvision 2×40.

Bushnell has a quality reputation when it comes to optics. These binoculars are rugged and water-resistant. They are powered by infrared and provide an incredible view in the dark. These are actually a monocular lens that projects onto two screens in the eyepieces. So, they are not actually binoculars, rather they’re infrared night vision. This is a very durable product, and if you use other Bushnell products these will feel familiar. These binoculars operate off 4AA batteries and cost $200 new.
Yukon Tracker 3×42 Night Vision Binoculars.

The dual infrared system works best in open areas. The distance and quality of view changes significantly in forest areas, which is common with most night vision. These binoculars are battery-powered and use one CR123 battery. But, you will need to carry spare batteries because they don’t last long. Multi-coated lenses and lens caps protect your field of view while not in use.The rubberized body is lightweight, with a no-slip coating. This is a quality product and sells for $425 new.

Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular.

The Nightfox is affordably priced and is an option for the people who are on a budget when it comes to night vision. These are not as durable as others on this list, but they feature an 18-month warranty plan. They offer up to 6 hours of run time on a single battery charge. You will need 8 AA batteries to get the Nightfox up and running.

They feature a viewing range of up to 110 yards at night, with a 2x digital zoom button, for 6x magnification total. While not the most expensive option they are a good product for the price. The Nightfox sell for $130 new with mostly positive reviews. In survival situation you want every advantage you can get. And in these crazy times, you may be forced to bug-out under the light of the moon.

Or maybe you’ll choose to take a stand and own the night.  Either way, having quality, affordable night vision will help.

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