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From Mike L: I have considered many different door securing devices. My concern is what if me or a family member needs help due to illness or injury and can’t get to the door. How will emergency services get access?


Answer: Adding a door security device such as the NightLock is a great idea for home security. Most of these devices work by reinforcing the door to make it harder to kick in or breakdown.


With that being said, door security devices don’t 100% guarantee someone won’t break through the door.


My point is, during a medical emergency, a trained fire crew with axes and chainsaws should have no trouble getting through the door. Obviously, it won’t be easily kicked in like most doors. But, the firefighters have tools that will make sure they get in during an emergency.


From Larry G: Can you give some recommendations on where to buy quality paracord? Everything I’ve bought is cheap and falls apart.


Answer: When it comes to paracord, the key is to make sure you buy paracord 550 that is made in the USA. A lot of places sell paracord 550 that is made in China and the quality isn’t the same. I’ve tested so many types of paracord and unless it’s made in the USA it doesn’t hold up, so stay away from the cheap stuff made overseas.


One place I would check out is called Atwood Rope. They sell paracord 550 on their website and everything I’ve purchased from them has been the real stuff and is good quality.


From Elaine D: Where should I bug out to if I have no family or land to go to?


Answer: I would recommend camping in a nearby national park or somewhere in the woods. However, there are two things you need to take into consideration which are, is it a busy camping season? And will the disaster that forced you to leave reach the campground? Camping is a good solution for a short-term bug out scenario, but you have to be careful that it doesn’t become crowded with “bad apples.”


From Vaughn M: Is it really possible to completely “disappear?”


Answer: Thanks to Hollywood most people don’t know how to really disappear. Many people believe they need to leave the U.S. and find some “super secret” overseas destination to disappear.


This is definitely not the case and for most of the people I consult with I recommend staying in the U.S.


Ideally, you want to find a town with a population that is about 25,000 to 50,000 in size.

You don’t want a town that’s too small because then you’ll stand out and won’t be able to blend in.


This small town should be in a conservative state where people don’t ask a lot of questions, they respect other people’s privacy, and it’s not a “big government” type of place.


The reason you want to relocate to a small town in a conservative state is because you can get a job or rent an apartment without going through a lot of “red tape.”


For instance, try and rent an apartment in a place like New York City and they want 25 forms of ID, a DNA sample, and a copy of your family tree because the government requires it.


However, in these small towns, you can go to a mom and pop property management company and rent a place to live without needing to give your social security number…


Or showing a bunch of IDs (often none at all) as long as you have a cashier’s check with the first and last month’s rent. (Yes, I have personally done this.)


Also, if you truly want to disappear, you need to plan on never using the Internet again. This is one of the most common ways to find people who try to disappear.


From Terry L: Is there a way to communicate with someone located on the other side of the country in another state when there is no telephone or cellphone service?


Answer: The number one way I recommend communicating during a disaster is with a satellite phone. I have personally used a SAT phone in remote parts of the world and I can tell you that these are one of the best ways to stay in touch.


In addition, HAM radio is a great option because with a repeater you can reach across the country.


If you are going to use a HAM radio you do need a license and you would need to tell your family in advance what frequencies you can be reached on and what times you will be listening such as every hour on the hour or every quarter hour.


Plus, you would need to carry a repeater guide for your area with you at all times since it’s not typically programmed in the radio like a typical radio does.


From Kerry S: I have guns in different places throughout my home. They are all kept in individual quick access safes. My concern is that if someone breaks into my home they will grab each safe and steal all my guns. What safe do you recommend that will keep guns secure while also keeping them away from burglars?


Answer: The key is to make sure each safe is secured to something permanent in your home. This can be done using a security cable or bolting the safe to something.


I have small rapid access safes like you, and they all allow me to secure them one way or another. (Most of holes in the bottom to secure down.)

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