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Mailbag Monday



From Will L: What are your thoughts on throwing knives?

Answer: Personally, I don’t recommend carrying throwing knives for two main reasons. First, depending on where you live it can be illegal to conceal or even carry throwing knives.

Second, unless you’ve spent years mastering the skill of throwing knives they can be very difficult to use and something I would never recommend for someone who is new to knives.

Of course, I think everyone should carry some sort of knife on them for close quarters defense and for survival purposes. A knife in your hand is a lot deadlier than trying to throw it for 99.999% of people.

From Jenny J: I am a woman in her early 50’s who lives alone. I am comfortable with handguns and have been giving serious thought to getting a basic AR-15. I do shoot for sport, however the more I read about how appropriate AR’s are for self defense, the more I tend to agree. Could you please recommend a basic AR model that I could possibly add in the future.

Answer: I would check out the Ruger AR-556. This is an entry level AR-15 that is very popular for those looking to buy their first one.

It’s called the AR-556 because its strictly chambered in .556. The rifle has a medium contour 16.10-inch cold-hammer-forged barrel, with a 1:8 twist rate.

It comes with an A2 front sight and Ruger’s rapid-deploy rear that folds away. It also has attachment points including a QD socket and bayonet lug for a sling.

The Ruger AR-556 sells for around $800.

From Patrick J: How do I keep my firearm quickly available for a home invasion but make them difficult for thieves to find if they break in?

Answer: Personally, I use a small safe that sits on my nightstand with a cable that goes down the back of the nightstand and is secured to a large piece of furniture.

In other words, even if a criminal goes straight to the nightstand they can’t take the safe with them because the cable is secured from the safe to the furniture and it can’t be cut.

Another option is to install a wall safe that can be hidden behind a picture or something else you hang near your bed. Either way, make sure your firearms are stored in some type of safe so a criminal just can’t walk off with them.

From Rich T: I came across my range bag and found a few AR mags still loaded. They have been in there for about a year. Will the spring get weak and not function correctly?

Answer: It’s hard to say for sure if the spring will weaken because there are a lot of factors that come into play. First, is the magazine a quality brand? Or is it a cheap aftermarket mag? Also, moisture, corrosion, dust, and other factors can affect how well the spring works.

If you are using a quality magazine such as Magpul, and the magazine is stored in a clean, dry place, then it could last many years even if loaded. In theory, a quality spring should last thousands of cycles before it goes bad. But, you will be able to tell if the spring is bad if it’s too easy to load ammo.

From Shawn M: What if I am out with my family only to find out that I am in the middle of a violent protest or flash mob?

Answer: The reality is, protests, flash mobs, and riots can happen anywhere, anytime, which is why using good situational awareness has never been more important.

However, if you find yourself in the middle of one of these situations, obviously, the first priority should be to get away as fast as you can. Now, I realize that’s easier said than done but if you are stuck in the middle of a group of people you should slowly move with the group.

In other words, go in the same direction of the group of people but carefully make your way to the side of the group. Never be aggressive toward others since it will draw attention to you.

Even if you have to throw up in your mouth and shout “I love Nancy Pelosi” with the other protesters, do it for those few seconds to blend in and then get out of danger.

From Darren H: What can you do if your SS# has been stolen?

Answer: This is becoming an epidemic since social security numbers can be used to commit so many different types of crimes. It’s also a huge mess to get this cleaned up and will take some time on your part.

You will want to go to your local police and file a police report. You want to report the theft of your SS# to the Federal Trade Commission. You want to make sure you put a credit freeze on your credit report (This is crucial to do and you have to put a credit freeze on all 3 credit agencies). You want to monitor your credit report every month to make sure there are no fraudulent charges. You should contact the Social Security Administration about getting a new SS#.

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