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Weekly Mailbag: Glock 19 vs. Glock 23

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From Carolyn B: What are the fish antibiotics for, do you have a stocked pond?

Answer: Many fish antibiotics are the same as human antibiotics. For example, fish mox and amoxicillin are usually the same medication.

People buy fish antibiotics for their bug out bag and survival stockpile. The fact is, a lot of people don’t want to take the time or spend the money to see a doctor.

Fish Mox can easily be purchased online without a prescription and is becoming a popular way to add medications to emergency supplies. (Remember, I am not a doctor and do your own due diligence on this. I am not recommending fish antibiotics for human consumption, just sharing what some people do.)

From Walt L: How do you tell if someone is following you?

Answer: The short answer is run a surveillance detection route (SDR.) Instead of going straight home, take a bunch of right turns and you will know fast if someone is following you.

If you’re in the grocery store on foot, just start walking to a bunch of random aisles. If the same person keeps showing up in the aisles you are in, then you know you’re being followed.

From Mitch D: I’ve been told that if you pull a concealed knife out to defend yourself, that’s illegal. Is this true?

Answer: Most laws regarding knives are similar to gun laws. What I mean is, you can’t pull a gun out and point it at someone and the same would go for pulling a knife on someone unless you are in fear for your life or serious bodily injury.

So, if someone is trying to attack and kill you, then I will certainly pull my gun or knife all day long to defend myself.

From Jon P: Why do you recommend stocking distilled water?

Answer: I have bad allergies, so I flush my nasal passages daily with distilled water. This is why I have it stored at home.

From Montez S: What if we wake up tomorrow and China has dropped a nuke on us? What do you do?

Answer: When it comes to preparing for a nuclear attack you want to do many similar preparations as you would for other emergency situations. You want to stock up your food and water supply, including having a bug out bag or bags for your family.

In the event of a nuclear bomb, you would want to stay inside your home in a basement or shelter with no windows and as little exposure to the outside as possible.

Most importantly, you wouldn’t want to go outside until it was safe to do so, which could be an extended amount of time. In addition, you want to put as many barriers between you and the outside air as possible.

From Jeremy C: What do you think about the Glock 23 for concealed carry? I know you’ve recommended the Glock 19 before.

Answer: The Glock 19 and the Glock 23 are nearly identical to each other except the Glock 23 is a .40 caliber and the Glock 19 is a 9mm.

Now, there has always been the fact that the .40 provides more stopping power, which is why many people prefer the 23 to the 19. With that being said, with the quality of ammo you can buy these days I’m completely confident carrying a 9mm defensive round and I trust that it will stop a threat.

I know there are a lot of people who still say a .40 is better, but the Glock 19 has less recoil and is easier to shoot more accurately. I think both guns would be fine to own and it’s important to find which one fits you best, so I would shoot them both.

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