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Don’t submit to contact tracing without reading this

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The stunning truth is…

Local health officials have the authority to force someone into isolation or quarantine, not the state. And while this authority is rarely used, it can still happen.

When it does, it can come with costs the average American may not consider. So, if you or someone you know has been infected with the Coronavirus…

Or if you’ve even had contact with someone infected…

Health officials tracking the disease may contact you. This is part of the process called “contact tracing.” During contact tracing, officials identify people who may have come into contact with an infected person.

Then they collect further information about them and who they’ve contacted. The hope is, by tracing the contacts of infected individuals and testing them for infection…

They can trace their contacts as far down the line as possible and get to “patient zero.” The problem is, if you participate in contact tracing you could find yourself forcibly isolated and quarantined – even if you don’t feel sick.

So, in theory, contact tracing might sound like a good idea and a noble cause…

But forced quarantine by unelected health officials? No thanks. So, before you ever take part in contact tracing, here are some things to consider:

Technology overload. Apple and Google announced last month a joint effort to track the COVID-19 virus by smartphone. The system will notify smartphone users if they’ve potentially come into contact with an infected person.

But they say it won’t share any data with health officials or reveal where those meetings took place (at least that is what Apple and Google are saying… and I would not believe them so I would not download any apps or software they offer).

This technology sparked a wave of excitement among public health officials. They hope it can alert them to potential new infections and map the pandemic’s spread. And government officials are already putting pressure on tech companies to share more information than you or I’d like them to.

Vaccine rush. The White House recently named a “Vaccine Czar” to implement “Operation Warp Speed” (a rush to a vaccine). And the big question about it is whether it will be optional to get the vaccine or not.

Now, to be clear, I am not a vaccine denier and I get vaccinated and so does my family. But, I always think it should be your own choice. For now, it’s unclear if the COVID-19 vaccine will eradicate the virus…

Or if it will be more like a yearly flu vaccine – barely helpful as the virus mutates.

Forced quarantine. Most health officials around the U.S. will tell you that people won’t be required to participate in contact tracing. They’ll also explain that forced quarantines are a rare measure used by local health districts.

But the key word is rare, not that it never happens, or couldn’t happen. Usually, health officials ask people infected or exposed to an infection to voluntarily isolate.

But with all the heavy-handed moves made by politicians these days, it’s not hard to guess what they will do and how they will easily dismiss any rights you have.

Bottom line, it’s best to know what you could be facing as a participant in contact tracing. This list should help you prepare.

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