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Weekly Mailbag: should you use graphite on your guns?


From Brian G: I started using graphite years ago for all my firearms. It works into the metal and does not attract dirt. It also makes cleaning after shooting a bit easier…What are your thoughts on graphite for lubrication?


Answer: In my opinion, dry lubricants don’t do as well of a job at lubricating the moving parts of the firearm. Both dry & wet options can be used and each have their advantages, but I personally like to use a liquid lubricant.


If you use graphite, make sure its weapons grade, natural graphite. I’ve known a few people who use graphite on heavy automatic weapons, especially in desert conditions.


Before using graphite make sure all parts are completely stripped of “wet” lubes and greases. Never apply oils or greases on top of graphite.


From Jackie D: In light of businesses starting to refuse to accept cash, would it make sense to save VISA (gift) cards as part of our cash stash?


Answer: This is a good option, but I would make sure to have a mix of cash and gift cards. If you only have Visa gift cards, this could become a problem if retailers stop taking cards.


The fact is, cash is still king. If you can’t turn the Visa gift cards into cash, they could become worthless.


From Tami P: How do I protect my daughter on the Internet? She is online constantly for school and I worry about viruses and malware.


Answer: One of the first things I recommend is using a virtual private network such as TunnelBear.


Next, tell her to always stop to think about what she is clicking on. What I mean is, make sure you aren’t opening an e-mail scam and clicking on a link to a virus.


I would also install one of the software’s that keeps your child from accessing pornographic websites.


Finally, install a software that allows you to monitor her traffic and what she’s looking at and I would let her know you are doing this.


From Tanner C: What is the name of the product you suggest for door hardening? I’m trying to protect my home against kick-ins and other door-breach attempts?


Answer: There are a lot of good products out there and one of them is called Night Lock and it sells for around $35 on Amazon.

Night Lock is secured to the floor and provides resistance from the door being opened. It doesn’t rely on the door or door frame to hold up.


Even if the deadbolt fails, the Night Lock should still provide resistance to the door being kicked in.


From Harry S: The way things are with protesters and looters do you think it’s a good idea to wear a bulletproof vest everyday? Would it make me a target?

Answer: Before joining the CIA, I worked as a police officer and I can tell you that bulletproof vests are uncomfortable and not something you would want to wear every time you leave your home.

However, if you get the type of bulletproof vests that police wear, you would just wear it under your clothes and nobody will know you have it on.

I would only wear a bulletproof vest if I was going to a dangerous place… which I shouldn’t be going to, unless it was work related.

From Frank M: It’s starting to cool down where I live and I like to sleep with the windows open. How can I leave my windows open without making it easy for criminals to break in?

Answer: I personally don’t recommend leaving any windows open unless you are nearby.

I especially wouldn’t leave windows open overnight unless they are 2nd floor windows. However, I can understand that many people would rather have windows open and not use their AC.

With that being said, I would at least install motion sensor lights near the windows you typically leave open. You may also want to consider a security camera near the window if you plan on leaving it open regularly.

Another thing you can do is to put a piece of wood in the window to prevent it from opening all the way. You would want to make sure the window doesn’t open enough to let someone fit through.

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