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Mailbag Monday


From Len C: Do you really advocate shooting an AR pistol inside a house as a best-case defensive strategy? Shouldn’t hearing (after the event) be taking into consideration, or am I missing something?

Answer: In a life or death situation, putting on hearing protection or even worrying about it, is the least of my worries. My number one priority is stopping the intruder and protecting my family.

Shooting a few rounds from an AR pistol is not going to cause any serious damage. If you did it daily, that would certainly not be a good idea. But, if you got in a gunfight in your home, you will be fine. (You can also do research on the auditory exclusion that happens during tense situations.)

From Carol C: What do you think about gun safes that have fingerprint access? Or there are ones that have WiFi or open with a watch. Would you buy one?

Answer: I don’t like fingerprint access safes and don’t own one. I’ve heard too many horror stories of people not being able to open them because their finger was too dry, too sweaty, too dirty, etc.

Also, I don’t like the watch or WiFi ones either. Just too much technology that can break down and cause your safe not to open when you need it most.

From William M: I was wondering if you had any ideas for concealed carry in a swimming pool or ocean?

Answer: While I personally don’t carry when I swim, here are my thoughts: Storing the gun in some type of waterproof bag makes it difficult to both carry and access.

So, if you want to carry a gun while swimming, just carry the gun in a bellyband or something similar. When you’re done, be sure to dry it off very well and give it a thorough cleaning and oiling.

From Judy R: I am one of them, who planned for the “unthinkable” thanks to you! What do you think we should expect during the Election? How long do you feel it may last? In other words, if our wonderful President gets re-elected, there will be chaos of sorts.

Answer: Yes, if our President is re-elected I imagine we will see major rioting and looting around the country. Worse than it is now.

I would plan for at least 60 days of chaos. I would make sure you have enough food, water and fuel so that you don’t have to leave home for that time period.

Also, because it will be getting colder, make sure you have plenty of blankets, sleeping bags and propane heaters to stay warm, in case the lights go out.

I definitely don’t think the time around the election is going to be pretty and I would continue to build up all your supplies until then.

From Jane A: How do you build a shelter from scratch if you are bugging out?

Answer: One of the simplest shelters to build is called a lean-to. The way this works is you would take multiple sturdy sticks and lean them against a strong horizontal brace such as a tree or another stick you have running horizontal.

After you have the sticks in place you would cover the leaning sticks with leaves, grass, moss, or anything nearby that could provide shelter from the elements.

But, to make things even easier, just have a tube tent or a tarp in your bug out bag that you can quickly use for shelter.

From Marty M: Why do you carry a .380 instead of a 9mm? Why do many people have more than one carry gun?

Answer: I carry a 9mm. The gun that I carry most often these days is a Sig Sauer P365 in my pocket. I have multiple carry guns because I love guns and which gun I carry depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Also, if I am going to more remote areas (such as in the mountains) I’ll have the Sig Sauer in my pocket and a 1911 on my hip.

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