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Monday Mailbag


Weekly Mailbag: best bug out vehicle?


From Jon B: During a tactical first aid class the instructor stated that QuikClot should not be used anymore. Has something changed or have they revamped the formula?

Answer: I’m not a doctor, but I’m not aware of any changes to QuikClot. I still carry it in my bug out bag and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it.

The reason that some doctors don’t like it is that it clogs up the wound so much and makes it harder to clean out the wound. But, as one guy I know said, “I would rather use it and be alive even though it might be more of a pain for doctors.”

From Lyle F: So how do you fool facial recognition?

Answer: Facial recognition technology is incredibly accurate and is always improving. Yet, it can still be deceived.

For instance, wearing clothing made with silver-plated fabrics can reflect thermal radiation. This can fool some facial recognition software.

Or wearing clothing with pictures of other faces can sometimes trick facial recognition.

The reality is, there is no 100% effective way to avoid facial recognition (unless you walk around with a mask on) but the above things can fool certain systems.

From Ted W: I am considering the replacement of my automobile this coming spring. Do you have any suggestions? All wheel drive vs four wheel drive?

Answer: Depending on where you live I would start with a 4X4. (I own six 4-wheel drive vehicles.)

I live in Southern Utah surrounded by mountains, so I need a 4X4 that can get me out of dodge. Even if it means driving on an old horse trail.

If you live anywhere with rough terrain, or winter weather, you need 4 wheel-drive.

At the end of the day, I would suggest a 4-wheel drive, half-ton vehicle such as a full-size pickup truck or SUV like a Chevy Suburban.

From Greg P: What safe country would you recommend fleeing to if I have to leave America? Canada may not be an option since covid-19 shut its border down.

Answer: None. Despite the “sexiness” of going to a foreign land, it’s not a good idea. You might not speak the language, you might not know the customs and it’s a lot harder to survive in unfamiliar territory.

As bad as things might get in the US, I would not want to be anywhere else. Plus, there is still a ton of open land in this country to flee to, so just go to a different state. (Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, etc.)

From Jan S: Where do I buy a bug out bag? Any suggestions?

Answer: At this point, I would put it together yourself. A lot of the pre-made bags are just cheap junk from China. I am in the process of putting together a quality bug out bag that will be available for sale, but this is still 60 days out.

One critical thing I will say is, don’t make it too heavy. I see a lot of people put together their bug out bags that weigh a ton and they can barely carry them.

If you want an ultralight bug out bag it should weigh 10 pounds or less, a regular bug out bag should be 25 pounds or less.

From Jeff F: When I go out of state, how do I carry my gun legally with me wherever I go around the country?

Answer: If you have a concealed carry permit in your home state, you need to be familiar with permit reciprocity. Basically, you want to find out what other states recognize your permit and will allow you to carry a concealed firearm.

If you go to your state’s website they will tell you what other states honor the permit. I personally have multiple concealed carry permits to give me as much coverage across the U.S. as possible. (I have Utah, Virginia and Arizona.)

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