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Mailbag Monday

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From Ken S: What are your thoughts about paintball guns for defense? The reason I ask is I see the tactical riot response officers use them in riot control. I’m all about personal and home defense and own a few guns of my own.

Answer: Police across the country have been using less lethal methods to stop rioters including paintballs, pepper balls, rubber bullets, and even flash bangs.

While these may work to disperse a crowd, I would never recommend paintball guns for home defense.

If someone is trying to kick in my front door at 3am, they are not there for good reasons. They are probably trying to kill me or my family and the last thing I want is a paintball gun. I want a real gun that will stop them from attacking my family.

From Larry J: How much cash should a person keep?

Answer: I recommend having at least six months’ worth of your living expenses saved in a bank and at least one month’s worth of living expenses in cash in your home.

Also, I always carry at least $300 worth of cash on me at all times for emergencies.

From Will W: Which phone would you recommend, a flip phone or a smart phone? I prefer to not have anyone listen in on my calls.

Answer: I would lean toward getting a cheap flip phone. The fewer features and frills on the phone, the more secure you will be.

Now, flip phones may still have GPS so I would try to find one that doesn’t or make sure you keep the GPS turned off at all times. Again, the less features and add-ons that the phone has, the safer you will be.

From Patrick L: Do you like SimpliSafe Security systems? Or are there any better options at similar costs?

Answer: SimpliSafe is a good choice and I know a lot of people who use it. It’s a DIY option and there’s no reason I wouldn’t give it a try.

One of the best things about SimpliSafe is that it’s a completely configurable system. Basically, you can create your own package and choose the sensors or options you want.

From Joan J: I am a 5’3”, 78 year old woman who is in good health. I lost my husband 2 years ago so only have myself for protection… My brother-in-law says I need a shotgun.

Answer: I recommend going to your local gun store and renting a few different guns to see what you are most comfortable with. I would try pistols as well as shotguns.

When it comes to shotguns, a 20 gauge is a great choice for home defense. A 20-gauge shotgun will be easier to handle, have less recoil and provide more than enough stopping power.

I would try and find a friend who owns a .20 gauge to see if it’s the right fit for you. If you decide to buy one, I would check out the Remington 870 in .20 gauge.

From Jeff H: I have never reloaded. Since it is very difficult to get ammo now, especially for someone quarantined in Chicago where I can’t get ammo mailed to me, would it be a good idea to start reloading?

Answer: If you choose to reload, the key is to know that you are doing it the right way with the precise measurements.

No one is perfect, but the thing is, the big ammo manufacturers clearly have numerous safety inspections in place that make their ammo much more dependable, which is why quality ammo rarely has any issues.

I have seen too many people reload their own ammo and have problems since they didn’t do it right.

Reloading ammo can be a great way to save money and build your stockpile. But it comes with risks.

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