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Mailbag Monday


From Barry L: I’m moving to China and will be living there for about 16 months. I am 65 years old… I will be living in an area that normally has guards at houses and people have bodyguards. What would you recommend that I take with me for safety?

Answer: Well, unfortunately, you can’t take a gun or a lot of other personal protection tools. So, I’d have a Tactical Pen and a good solid flashlight (to whack someone with).

Don’t forget that canes also make great weapons and don’t draw any attention. Also, take some self-defense training if you haven’t done so lately.

From Frank G: I ordered your survival food a few months ago and I noticed that you need four cups of boiling water to prepare the food. Can you recommend a reliable portable stove to cook the food?

Answer: I would check out the Coleman one-burner propane stove. This small stove provides 10,000 BTU’s of cooking power and can hold an 8” pan. The stove is only 4”H x 16”W x 8.8”D. It is compact and light enough to bug out with.

I also have a Stansport propane stove and then a large Camp Chef stove.

From Glen C: Where can I get an AR-15 Pistol like the one you use in the video I purchased?

Answer: I recommend both Springfield Armory and Daniel Defense. Both companies make quality AR-15 pistols. You can’t go wrong with either.

If you’re looking for value and performance, the Springfield Saint is a good choice. There are different variations of the Saint AR-15 pistol, but they start around $800.

Daniel Defense AR-15 pistols start around $1,500, but you are getting a quality firearm.

From Ralph T: What is your opinion of paying bills online through a single credit card? As I understand it, all bills you assign to the credit card would all be paid and you would get a single statement. Can there be security concerns?

Answer: These days anytime you use a credit card there is the risk of someone stealing your card information. But, I think the method you mentioned of paying all your bills with a single card is a safe idea.

Just remember to check your credit card statement every month. You need to verify that all your bills were paid and that there weren’t any unauthorized charges.

From Austin G: Can you recommend a quality shoulder holster for an S&W .38 snub nose?

Answer: I would check out Galco Gunleather or a company called Barsony Holsters. Both companies offer quality options.

From Donald S: Why is it common for thieves to wait and then make a return to the scene of a burglary? I’m assuming many victims will have settled with an insurance company and have a home or office restocked.

Answer: Unfortunately, you are correct that criminals will often return to the scene of their crime. This is especially true for burglars, because once they know the layout of a home they can plan ahead and know exactly where to go.

Plus, as you mentioned, they know things about you such as if you high quality TV’s or if you like expensive jewelry. This is why you must have an alarm system, cameras, motions sensor lights, a gun or a dog.

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