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What To Do If Confronted About Your Gun?

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It was 2:10 a.m. in Virginia Beach when Bernie walked into the 7-Eleven…

Seconds later she was face down on the floor, covering her head, praying she wouldn’t get shot…

You see, as Bernie sleepily walked the aisles, two masked men with guns burst through the door to rob the place.

According to witnesses, one of the masked men stayed near the door while the other went behind the counter and started shoving money in his pockets.

Turns out it was the fifth store the duo had hit that night – but their spree was about to come to a lethal end.

As Bernie lay trembling, gunshots rang out in the store.

She later told local media, “After that shot it was like three shots, bam, then bam-bam. It could have been two, two or three.”

But it wasn’t the robbers who fired their guns…

With her ears ringing, Bernie dared a peak toward the front of the store…

Instead of two masked thugs, she saw a single man standing over the fallen robbers.

The scene at the front of the store was gruesome…

One of the masked men was dead on the floor. The other was slumped behind the counter, begging for help for his gunshot wound…

The man standing over the bodies was a bystander from the back of the store who had pulled out his own gun and ended the robbery…

Bernie was just thankful to get out of the 7-Eleven alive…

“Thank God for that guy because who knows what could have happened. I want to thank that guy personally. I want to buy him a steak dinner.”

Clearly, this Good Samaritan saved lives by carrying concealed.

And I believe that everyone who is capable should carry concealed everywhere they legally can.


I also know a lot of people who like to open-carry their firearms – which is perfectly legal in many states.

The obvious drawback is that everyone knows you have a gun, which can lead to confrontations from store employees about your firearm.

Many retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Walgreens forbid carrying firearms in their stores.

This policy has led to many customers being confronted by store employees for ignoring the request.

Now, whether you are carrying concealed or open carrying a firearm, here are a few things to remember if you are confronted in a store about carrying your firearm:

(I will admit, I always carry concealed so this is never an issue for me since the store employees don’t know I have a gun.)

Understand the law. I’m not a lawyer, and laws vary from state to state…

So make sure you’re in compliance with all federal, state and local laws before open carrying a firearm.

But generally, businesses are considered private entities, and allowed to ban certain items from their locations.

It’s just as if you were in someone’s home. There’s no guaranteed Second Amendment on private property.

Check for signs. In some states, you may run into legal problems for missing the sign and entering a business.

But it’s your responsibility – from a liability standpoint – if you missed the signage at a business.

Certain places that ban guns may not even have signs (post offices, for example).

And there is no requirement for a business to give you warnings or second chances.

In fact, you could face charges if you are caught and the business wants to pursue criminal charges.

It’s on you to be a responsible gun owner.

So, even if there’s no sign, but the business asks you to leave, just leave.

DON’T argue. If you are inside a store and an employee asks you to leave, my advice is to leave right away and not argue.

If you feel the employee was in the wrong, contact the corporate headquarters or come back when you are unarmed and speak with the manager.

Bottom line: I believe we should always exercise our 2nd Amendment rights…

But, private stores can ban guns… and, of course, we can vote with our wallets and not go to these stores.

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