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Mailbag Monday

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From Jan H: What are your thoughts about the possibility of the U. S. going to a cashless society? I have been hearing about this for about a year now becoming concerned that my own cash stash will be worthless overnight.

Answer: I don’t think this will happen anytime soon because there’s a reason they say cash is king. Cash is still the second-most-used form of payment in America today after debit cards.

Approximately 6.5% of U.S. households don’t use a bank. Another 18.7% of households are underbanked, which means they have at least one account at an insured institution.

A cashless society would surrender privacy. Cash allows you to be anonymous. Besides, cash will always be there when technology fails.

In a disaster scenario, where we have no access to the Internet, how would we access our money? We need to have cash for emergencies.

From Darren T: Is it possible to trace where a burner phone was purchased and look at video? (Asking for a friend.)

Answer: First, I would always use cash when buying any burner phone. This will be one less way the phone could be traced back to you. Now, if the phone is traced back to the store and they pull the video footage, you definitely could be seen. But, they would have to know what store you went to. I wouldn’t by the phone at the Walmart 5 minutes from your house. You could also wear a quality disguise when buying the phone.

From Tom S: Would an EMP disable a gun safe?

Answer: The thing about an EMP is that no one can really say what will work and what won’t. What I mean is, there are many different variables that will affect how much damage there is from an EMP.

Things to take into account are how close you are to the center of the attack and what barriers there are between your safe and the EMP.

If you have a gun safe with an electronic lock there is a chance that it would be damaged during an EMP. I would make sure you have a key or secondary way to open the safe.

From Robert B: Do you have recommendations for preferred ways to store propane cylinders (the smaller ones like for your Mr. Buddy or camp stoves)? Obviously, I keep them cool and away from any direct sunlight. Is there any likelihood of the propane going “bad”?

Answer: Unlike kerosene or gasoline, propane has no expiration date. Nor will it become less powerful while being stored.

I would just keep your propane stored in the garage or in a shed in your backyard.

From Karla M: I have a question on the food survival kit. Please tell me if I am misunderstanding, but I thought I read that each packet feeds 8 people? Is that correct?

If it is correct, then for two people, there will be refrigeration needed between meals, and in a survival mode, there might not be access to refrigeration.

Answer: I would scoop out only what you need to feed 2 people. The bags than can be resealed for up to 9 months and don’t need to be refrigerated.

But, if you cook the whole bag at once, then it will need to be refrigerated.

From Tina R: Many electronics we buy in America are manufactured in China. What can we do to protect our computers, tablets, or smartphones made in China?

Answer: If a tiny computer chip for spying is placed inside the device at the time of manufacturing there isn’t any way the average person would know.

But, there are certain steps you should take with any device you connect to the internet. For example, using a VPN (virtual private network), anti-virus software, and strong passwords.

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