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Mailbag Monday

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From Jeff G: Can I use a sheet of aluminum foil the size of a wallet to stop any radio frequencies in or out of my wallet? I read that somewhere online.

Answer: If you wrapped each individual card in foil, then yes, this would disrupt any frequencies. The reason I prefer an RFID blocking card is because they have a chip inside them that basically blocks the frequencies nearby.

In other words, you don’t need to have a blocking card for each individual credit card. I think it would be a hassle to remove foil each time I wanted to use a card.

From Al K: With summer season upon us how do we escape our car if we get caught or submerged in water? How do I get out if the car in sinking?

Answer: If you ever find yourself in a sinking car you will typically have 30- 60 seconds to escape before the car is submerged. Now, once a car is in the water it’s very difficult to open the doors so you immediately want to roll down the windows.

The longer you wait to roll down the windows the harder it will be to do so. If you can’t roll down a window and you need to smash one out, use whatever window is closest to you.

You want to kick in the corner of the window (where it’s stiffest) and not in the middle to break the window. If you are using a hard object or a tactical pen, you still want to strike in one of the corners of the window.

Bottom line, have something in your car to smash out windows and be ready to exit your car fast.

From Debbie R: What should I do with my pets if I have to bug out? What kind of preparations should I make so my animals can bug out with me?

Answer: When you’re building up food storage, I would consider adding extra food for your pets.

In addition, I would prepare a small bug out bag for your animals that includes their food and medication. Also, don’t forget to add extra water to your storage for all your pets.

From Hank L: Is it true that if you keep batteries in the fridge they’ll last longer? How should I store my bug out batteries so they last longer?

Answer: Unfortunately, it’s a common myth that keeping batteries in the freezer will make them last longer. It actually can do more harm to the batteries and the ideal place to store batteries is in a cool place around 70 degrees.

Also, before storing your batteries for the long term you should clean both the positive and negative ends of the battery with a rag.

Finally, you should store the batteries in a container where they won’t come in contact with anything else. Basically, when you keep batteries in a drawer they probably come in contact with pens, loose change, and other metal, which can actually damage the battery.

If you do store batteries in a flashlight or other device, turn them around. (Don’t put them in the way that makes the light work, turn them around the other way.)

From Jerry M: I’m new to this whole “being prepared” thing and I’m really overwhelmed with everything I need to do. Where’s the best place to start?

Answer: The first three things I would work on when it comes to preparedness are water, food, and security.

Humans can only survive about three days without water, which is why it’s #1 on my list. I would look into getting a water filter as well as storing water in your home.

Next, I would build up your food storage but this is something you can do slowly over time.

Finally, I would make sure you have security measures in place. This could be purchasing a gun or installing a home security system in your home.

From Carrie F: I am worried that “the bad guys” read your books as well and may even use some of your survival gear. Your tips have steered me in the right direction, BUT I worry that they might steer the “Bad guys” the same way!

Answer: I don’t worry about this. Most criminals are lazy. (If they weren’t, they’d make an honest day’s living.) Also, most criminals look for easy targets. And, if you implement what I share, you will be far from an easy target. Do you think a criminal wants to break into a home where they know they will meet a gun? Or a home that has no firearms in it and no home security measures?



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