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Mailbag Monday

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From Dale A: I just read that the guy who loaded ammo and sold it to the Las Vegas shooter was sentenced to prison and fined. I thought hand-loading ammo was legal?

Answer: Federal law says a person must be a licensed manufacturer if they engage in the business of selling or distributing reloaded ammo for livelihood or profit. But, if they reload only for personal use they don’t need a license.

In the case of Douglas Haig, he was sentenced to three years of supervised release. He plead guilty to manufacturing ammunition without a license.

Haig was not accused of a direct role in the shooting. Yet, he acknowledged making tracer and armor-piercing bullets. He admitted to selling them at gun shows and on the internet. Now Haig is a convicted felon. He cannot own weapons or ammunition.


From Brian M: Currently my AR-15 has a 1:9 ratio barrel twist. I was thinking of buying a barrel with a 1:8 ratio twist. What is your thought on the barrel twist ratios?

Answer: Twist rate is the ratio of inches the bullet travels down the barrel to rotate the bullet one full turn. In a 1:9 twist rate, the bullet makes one full rotation every nine inches.

The twist rate plays a role when determining what ammo to use to achieve peak performance. Most modern AR-15 barrels will come in one of three twist rates: 1:9, 1:8, and 1:7.

The 1:9 barrel is best for stabilizing lighter and mid-weight bullets between 45 and 77 grains.

The 1:8 twist barrel is the most versatile and the perfect option for a 16-inch carbine AR-15. This barrel can stabilize up to an 80-grain bullet. Yet, it still provides enough flexibility for shooters to use lighter ammo.


From Tom J: Can you recommend a low-cost alarm system that doesn’t broadcast outside my home at all?

Answer: I would look into a do-it-yourself home security system such as SimpliSafe. This company is straightforward with its pricing and basic equipment.

SimpliSafe equipment costs are lower than most other home security companies. Plus, you have the option of monthly monitoring without a long-term contract. Or you can go without monitoring and use the security system to alert you or your family.

If you’re looking for home security on a budget with or without monitoring this is a good option.


From V.S: Is it true that if you are a concealed carry, you cannot wear any face masks, anything that keep your face from been seen clearly?

Answer: I’m not a lawyer, but I’m not aware of any law that makes carrying a firearm illegal if the person is wearing a mask. Some states, such as North Carolina have laws against people concealing their identities while in public.

Most of these laws are outdated and were passed to push back against the Klu Klux Klan.

With many states requiring face masks due to the pandemic I don’t think anyone would hassle a law-abiding citizen who is wearing a mask and legally carrying concealed.

Plus, if you’re carrying concealed, nobody should know that you have a gun.


From Jim B: How do I build a fire when bugging out and not give away my location? If I don’t want anyone to find me won’t the smoke lead them right to me?

Answer: The most important aspect of creating a fire with little smoke is using very dry wood. You also want to use small tinder or pieces of wood because when you add a large amount of fuel to a fire it usually creates more smoke.

You want to make the fire as small as you can, but still be able to cook and stay warm.

Also, digging a hole and making your fire inside the hole can reduce the amount of smoke that is seen such as a Dakota fire hole.


From Jenny M: When looking for a handgun to buy in a gun store… What is the proper way to handle the gun?

Answer: Every store has different rules when looking at new guns but, no matter what, always remember the safety rules. Never point the gun at anyone and treat all guns as if they are loaded.

If you want to see what the trigger pull feels like I would ask the employee if it’s okay to do so after making sure the gun isn’t loaded, and obviously, point it in a safe direction to pull the trigger.

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