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Mailbag Monday

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From Ann I: If it isn’t legal to shoot looters, is it legal to tase them with the Taser Pulse that you recommended?

Answer: I’m not a lawyer, but I wouldn’t use the Taser Pulse unless your life was in danger. Most states have laws that life is more important than property. So, you likely can’t tase someone who is looting, you would need to show that your life was in danger.

From Dale T: What I’m wondering is if the VPN would cause the phone’s GPS to give a false location for the phone. If you are in Nevada, in the U.S., and the VPN is located in Germany, would your phone’s GPS show that you were in Germany and not in Nevada?

Answer: Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question because it depends on the specific smartphone and the VPN. A smartphone’s location services uses either your GPS or your internet IP address. It’s usually one or the other.

If you have location services turned off, the location data is taken from your IP address. In that case, the location will reflected to represent the location of the VPN connection. If you’re looking for privacy, turn off the GPS and your internet by itself won’t give you away. For example, right now my VPN shows that I’m in New York City and I am thankfully not.

From Gary A: How should I handle trespassers that come onto my property to hunt?

Answer: First, I would install “No Trespassing” signs around your property. Next, I would set up game cameras in areas that you think trespassers may access your property. If you catch someone on your property never try to detain them. You are not law enforcement and it’s just asking for trouble.

I would politely ask them to leave, and collect any evidence such as video on a phone or security camera. Then contact police and ask them to remove and trespass them from your property.

I would never use any kind of force unless it was justified, meaning that you kindly asked them to leave and they came at you and tried to attack you.

From Fred W: Where do you buy 55-gallon drums for storing water?

Answer: You can buy these at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, or even on Amazon. I would recommend buying them from a well-known store so that you know you are getting a decent product. The last thing you want to do is buy something that leaks. The one from Home Depot sell for around $90.

From Thomas L: Can you give us some advice on how to react if we hear an explosion if we’re on the street or at the shopping mall?

Answer: If a bomb goes off, immediately hit the deck. Stay as low as possible to avoid shrapnel and glass flying around. Remember combat breathing. Take slow and deep breathes.

During an explosion, dying from internal bleeding is a big concern. The pressure from the blast can be so severe that it causes the lungs to blow up like a balloon and people die from “blast lung.”

If you’re outside, remember Zero-Five and Twenty-Five. This refers to the diameter of the circle around you. Before moving, look down at your feet. Anything that can blow you up there?

Then look at the next five feet around you, any danger? Then look at a bigger distance around you such as a 25-foot area. Are there any backpacks or suspicious packages that could be secondary explosive devices? If not, then get the heck out of there to safety.

And always be careful of following the herd. Just because everyone is trying to exit through a certain door, that doesn’t mean it’s the best place to go.

From Brady P: I disagree with carrying a round in the chamber. Too many accidental shootings have occurred because some moron was walking around with “one in the pipe”. Too many children have died because they picked up a parent’s loaded/chambered gun and pulled the trigger…

Answer: I believe in responsibly armed gun owners. This means locking up your guns when you’re not carrying them and also knowing the safety rules. Your comment to me shows you’re not an experienced gun owner who trains and that you’ve never been in a dangerous situation or you’d know the importance of always having a loaded gun.

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