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Mailbag Monday

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Just want to get your opinion on the Ruger PC charger 9mm pistol for home defense. I read your article on your AR pistol & then found the ad for the new Ruger item.

Tom M

Answer: The Ruger PC charger is a new 9mm pistol that can accept a pistol brace, muzzle device, and an optic, which makes it easy and convenient to use. Also, this gun has takedown functionality so you can remove the handguard and barrel from the receiver and carry it as a separate package. Being short-barreled, it’s handy and maneuverable in confined spaces and would make a good home defense gun.

What flip phone do you recommend?

Charlie E

Answer: Check out the Samsung S336C by Total Wireless. Don’t go out of the U.S. though. It doesn’t include international calling. Remember to buy both the phone and a pre-paid data allotment with cash. This phone and the prepaid cards are available at big-box stores.

Can we dry fire our new Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec? Springfield’s blog says that it’s okay, but so many “experts” out there disagree.

Jim L

Answer: It’s a common belief that excessive dry firing will cause a firing pin or striker to break. The truth, is most modern firearms can withstand thousands of dry fire cycles without beginning to wear down. You can dry fire a 1911 empty and it is no big deal and I dry fire with my Springfield 1911 all of the time.

Do you believe the government is planning on gun confiscation? What would be the best way to handle this situation?

Rebecca M

Answer: Yes, I do. Politicians have repeatedly said they want to do this. They don’t even try to hide the fact that they have this evil intention. The best things to do are buy guns now and buy ghost guns now.

My neighbor and I are looking into a taser instead of a gun for protection. A Vipertek? on Amazon always none available. Do you have any suggestions or sources?

Barbara B

Answer: I would consider the Taser Pulse. This is made by the same company that supplies law enforcement with tasers. This is a stun gun that launches two prongs up to a distance of 15 feet. Unlike other stun guns that rely on pain to stop a threat, the Pulse creates a nervous system override. In other words, the attacker will temporarily be unable to move. The duration of this is 30 seconds, giving you time to get to safety.

Why isn’t it legal to shoot looters?

Larry G

Answer: The laws are different in every state, but most state laws say you can’t use deadly force to defend property. In other words, you can defend life if someone is breaking into your home and you’re protecting your family. But, if you’re watching someone steal a TV from somewhere, you can’t shoot them. (You have to ask yourself if you or someone else is in immediate fear for your life or serious bodily injury, in order to use deadly force in most states.)

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