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Mailbag Monday

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From John D: I’m watching your home defense package. I just saw the video on dry fire handgun training. Where can I get the practice laser pistol with the cans to shoot at? Thank you and thanks for all of your work.

Answer: The training pistol I was using is called the LaserLyte Trainer Pistol. The pistol and cans are sold separately, but you can find both on Amazon. LaserLyte is well-known for its laser training and sighting products.

From Jan T: If possible, I would greatly appreciate recommendations for a BB or pellet gun. My goal is to protect myself and my home the best that I can.

Answer: This would not be my first choice for a home defense gun. If you’re looking for something that is easy to shoot and with very little recoil, I would at least try a Ruger 10/22. But, as far as pellet/BB guns, if you are looking for a pistol type weapon I would check out the Crosman SNR357, which is CO2 powered, with a 12g cartridge in the grip.

This is revolver style pistol and each cylinder holds a cartridge which houses at least two .177 BBs or pellets, as it can shoot both which is a capability not all air guns have.

If you prefer a rifle, I would check out the Bear River TRP 1200, which shoots .177 pellets up to 1300 fps, which is plenty of punch for an air rifle. The TRP has a Picatinny rail and a scope included, plus it also comes with fiber optic iron sights.

From Pat H: What sort of “survival vehicle” do you recommend?

Answer: A SUV or truck are one of the best options because they provide ground clearance. The fact is, during an emergency, ground clearance is a huge deal because you may be forced to drive through water or over debris in the road.

I would also definitely have 4-wheel drive and lots of space for gear, whether it’s the bed of a pickup truck or a Chevy Suburban.

From Barry K: What’s the most safe and practical way to conceal carry extra magazines?

Answer: One of the easiest ways to carry a spare magazine is to simply put it in your pocket. The typical magazine isn’t any heavier than the normal things you have in your pocket, so it shouldn’t be a burden.

Another option is to wear a magazine holster. There are a ton of them on the market with all sorts of options. For concealed carry, try to find an inside-the-waistband design that tucks easily and isn’t uncomfortable to have in the waistband.

Lastly, there are combination holsters for your gun and magazine. Obviously, these are bigger holsters, but it’s an all in one option for convenience. When it comes to combination holsters or magazine holsters you can find them online at Amazon or other online retailers such as Cheaper Than Dirt.

From Arnold G: If I build my own gun at home and that “ghost” firearm is used to defend my home, will I be held responsible as far as legality and/or prosecution since I built my own gun?

Answer: Remember, I’m not a lawyer, but when it comes to using a ghost gun for home defense, it should be perfectly legal as long as you are the one who built the gun and you’re not a convicted felon prohibited from owning guns.

From Ted H: Why don’t you ever recommend revolvers? What if a semi-auto happens to jam right at the moment of defense when needed the most?

Answer: I have nothing against revolvers and I think they are a better fit for some folks than semi-autos. For many people with arthritis, using a revolver is a better option since you don’t have to be able to manipulate a slide like you do on a semi-auto. Smith & Wesson and Ruger are the companies I would buy from if you want a revolver.

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