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Mailbag Monday

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From Marty G: Since wildfire season is fast approaching I’m trying to prepare now. If you’re caught in a wildfire should you should stay in your car? With gasoline in the fuel tank?

Answer: If you are caught in a wildfire and can’t escape, then I would definitely stay in your vehicle. Unfortunately, Hollywood makes people think that if a fire gets near their car it will explode, which is simply untrue. These days, car gas tanks are heavily insulted and built to withstand accidents.

In other words, cars are built much safer than they were in the 1970’s when they were more likely to explode. Another factor to consider is the overwhelming smoke you would encounter if you exit your car and try to outrun a wildfire, which would be very difficult to do.

From Randy S: I’ve finally convinced my wife to purchase a long gun for home defense. Would you buy a shotgun or a rifle, which is better do you think?

Answer: I personally would use a rifle. A rifle can hold 30 rounds, whereas a shotgun might hold 7 shells with an extended magazine tube. Plus, a rifle has better sights than an off-the-shelf shotgun. However, both a rifle and shotgun are solid for home defense and can get the job done. If you do want a shotgun, I would get a Remington 870.

From Debbie S: I have a friend that has one of those devices in which they talk to Alexa. It seems to me that if they can give Alexa directions at any time, that means that Alexa is listening to all conversations. Who gets to hear these and are they saved?

Answer: Having these types of devices in your home is very dangerous and I would never recommend it. Not only are the companies listening to you and using and selling this data, but also hackers can get into these and listen to you too.

I find it funny that people are willingly bringing this spying device into their home and big tech companies are loving it. (The big tech companies claim the recordings are not saved, but that’s a lie.)

From Vincent L: Isn’t it possible to trace where the burner phone was purchased and look at video?

Answer: First, I would always use cash when buying any burner phone. This will be one less way the phone could be traced back to you. Now, if the phone is traced back to the store and they pull the video footage, you definitely could be seen.

However, if I were trying to hide from someone attempting to harm me, I would make sure I was wearing a quality disguise. It all depends on what threats you have against you and how much you want to hide. Plus, they would have to know you had the phone in the first place.

From Rodney M: Why do you carry a .380 instead of the P290 or P938 (9mm)? Why do many people have more than one carry gun?

Answer: I carry a 9mm. The Sig Sauer P365. However, there’s nothing wrong with a .380 if you’ve got good ammo such as Speer Gold Dot. The reason I have more than one carry gun is because I love guns and it depends on where I’m going.

If I’m going to the corner store, I’ll throw my gun in my pocket. If I’m going to the remote mountains, I’ll have a gun in my pocket and also a gun on my hip.

From James M: There are quite a few dog attacks these days and what would be the best way to defend yourself or protect a loved one from an attack.

Answer: Personally, I think a gun is the best answer. Dog attacks kill plenty of people each year so I don’t want to take any chances if a dog tries to maul me. Of course, there are other options such as a stun gun or stick.

With that being said, I wouldn’t think of a dog any differently than a person. What I mean is, a dog can kill you just like a person, so if your life is in imminent danger, I would do what you need to do to save your life.

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