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Mailbag Monday

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From Sam B: For home security, I was just wondering if you guys recommend buying protective window film?

Answer: Oftentimes, if a burglar is determined to get in and can’t open the window, then they simply break the glass. However, windows and doors with reinforced glass are an ideal way to combat this problem.

With that being said, if you don’t want to invest in new reinforced windows, window film is another great option. The company 3M makes security window films that make window glass harder to penetrate.

When the security film is applied the glass, fragments hold together even after the window is struck repeatedly. While it is not perfect for stopping an intruder, it will buy you time to get to your gun.

From Justin S: Can apartment buildings ban guns?

Answer: Generally, a private landlord can ban firearms from their property, but specific laws vary from state to state. Government-assisted housing must respect a tenant’s right to bear a firearm.

However, the housing authority can still prohibit firearms in common areas. But like I said, non-governmental landlords, with no applicable state or local laws, have the right to do want they want on their own property regarding firearms.

From Eric N: What is the best way to contact our federal, state, and local governmental officials to voice our outrage at these extended “stay at home orders” while remaining anonymous?

Answer: If you want to stay anonymous I would suggest contacting them by e-mail. With that being said, you could simply create a burner e-mail address that you will only use for contacting your representatives.

I would do this from a public computer at a library. (My library is open and we can go there.) But, if you can’t leave your house, create a dummy email address but make sure you are using a virtual private network (VPN) on your computer before sending any email.

From Richard L: If lock pick tools are to be of potential value I need to carry them all the time. However, should a police officer find them on my person or in my car, I may be accused of having burglar tools. What is your position on this?

Answer: Obviously I’m not a lawyer, but carrying lock picking tools can create legal problems depending on what state you live in. Basically, some states, such as Tennessee, consider lock pick tools prima facie evidence.

What this fancy legal term means is that in some states merely possessing lock picks is intent to commit a crime, regardless if you were or not. In other words, if you are caught with lock picks in these states, you may have to prove that you had no intent to use them in a criminal manner.

On the other hand, in most states, owning lock picks is 100% legal. It is only when you use them in an illegal way that you will find yourself in trouble. Lock picks in these states are seen by the law in the same light as a screw driver or hammer.

Personally, I’ve carried lock pick sets all over this country and never had an issue because I am carrying them concealed so nobody knows I have them.

From Donald B: One reason that many people cannot buy their prescription medicine in advance is insurance companies monitor the orders and will not let you get a refill or a new prescription within a certain time after the last refill. I have repeatedly run into this when trying to get a 90-day supply.

Answer: You are right that many insurance companies will have restrictions on the time frame of getting a refill. On the other hand, there are many folks who travel for months on end without being able to refill their prescriptions.

My point is, there are always circumstances where people might be unable to get their refills and will need them in advance. I would try contacting your insurance company and asking them what kind of documentation they need for an advance of medications.

In addition, if there is no other option, I would consider paying for your medications out of pocket, which may take awhile to save up for, but will be worth it during an emergency.

From Terry L: I practiced your tips at home, dry firing with my Sig P220. Went to the range today and tried real time. All I have to say is wow! My grouping size shrunk about 30 to 40%. My usual grouping was to the left side of the bull and just outside and slight lower left.

Answer: Dry firing is one of the best things you can do to practice and improve your shooting skills, which is why I do it every morning. I am thrilled to hear you’re practicing too and that it’s working out so well for you.

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