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Mailbag Monday

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From Patrick T: What is your opinion of home defense shotguns such as the Mossberg Shockwave? And is there a legal downside to such a weapon?

Answer: Shotguns are a great option when it comes to home defense, however, I would not use the Shockwave for home defense (it’s more of a novelty/fun gun).

The Shockwave is a so-called shotgun with a 14-inch barrel and a birdshead style grip in place of the shoulder stock. The thing is, shotguns, like most long guns, are easier to fire accurately than handguns.

But removing the shoulder stock like on the Shockwave negates that advantage. Basically, the Shockwave is functionally a handgun with bad ergonomics for accurate shooting.

Instead of the Shockwave, I would consider the Remington 870, which is a quality shotgun that you can upgrade with tactical accessories.
As for the legal aspect of the Shockwave, it’s not legally classified as a short-barreled shotgun by the ATF.

So, as far as federal firearms laws, you don’t have to pay any special taxes or fill out extra paperwork to own one, but they are restricted in several states.

From Gerald P: What do you do if you find yourself restrained in heavy duty zip ties?

Answer: During our two-day Spy Course we use heavy-duty zip ties that can be found out any local hardware store such as Home Depot. In other words, we don’t train with cheap zip ties that you get at a craft store.

And, we train on two ways to defeat zip ties: By sawing through them with paracord or you can break them with shear strength if you put the lock in the right place and use the right angle.

From Fred G: What about boiling water for purification?

Answer: Boiling water is an age-old method to attempt to make water safe to drink. The reason is because bacteria and parasites are all eliminated at boiling temperatures.

With that being said, boiling water cannot remove chemical contaminants or heavy metals. In fact, some scientist have argued that by boiling tap water, you are only making it more dense in contaminants.

So, I would definitely use a good water filter instead of boiling water. Of course, if you have no filter and your only option is to boil the water, it’s better than doing nothing.

From Troy F: I have really enjoyed this video training. I am curious, though. What type/brand of AR Pistol do you recommend?

Answer: The AR pistol in the video is made by Anderson Manufacturing. However, there are a bunch of companies these days that make good AR pistols such as Springfield Armory, Daniel Defense and Ruger.

From Randy T: If someone breaks in during the night, would you recommend turning on the lights so you can see them, or keeping them off so you can’t be seen, but that makes it harder to see your target?

Answer: I don’t turn on the lights because I don’t need to. I have a light/laser combination on my home defense gun.

So, as soon as I grab my gun from my rapid-access safe, I’ll be able to see and it will also blind the intruder because it’s a bright light pointed right at them.

You should have a flashlight on your nightstand at the very least, so I wouldn’t worry about turning on the lights.

From Daniel S: What are your thoughts on the Fish Mox and Bird Zytrho for antibiotics? You can get them online but it says not for human consumption, but then articles say they are compatible to what your doctor will give you. There in is the confusion. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer: Now, I’m not a doctor, but fish antibiotics are comparable to the same medication you would get from your doctor. However, the problem is fish antibiotics are not regulated by the FDA or any other government agency.

So, they don’t go through any testing so you never really truly know if what you are reading on the label is accurate. Basically, fish antibiotics are a backup option, but they do come with risks.

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