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Mailbag Monday

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From Thomas T: So how do you go about not putting your address on driver’s license? The DMV won’t allow you to use a P.O. Box.

Answer: You are right. In most states, the DMW will not allow you to put a P.O. Box on a driver’s license because they require a physical address. That’s why I recommend getting a mailbox at a place with a physical location such as the UPS Store.

From Guy T: If I’m bugging out and stop to cook food, how can the smell of cooking food be contained so that it doesn’t attract others?

Answer: While there’s no way to completely eliminate the smell of food when cooking, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, avoid cooking foods with lots of spices, which can create a stronger smell.

Another thing you can do is start another fire and burn wood or trash which will create another smell that can help mask the odor from the food. Also, try not to cook when it’s really windy so the smell won’t travel as far.

There are thermal cookers which is basically a plastic box you can cook inside of, however, these aren’t something you would probably have with you during an emergency situation.

From Robert J: How many days worth of medicine should I carry in my bug out bag?

Answer: For prescriptions, consider asking your doctor for 60 or 90-day refills rather than a month’s worth. That way, you’re more likely to have extras on hand for your bug out bag or during a stay at home order.

Another thing is, you should always fill prescriptions on the first day you become eligible for a refill, rather than waiting until the day you run out. If you are able to obtain an emergency supply, establish a plan for rotating your bug out bag supply so that it remains up to date.

In addition, in your bug out bag you should include a copy of your health insurance card or carry a thumb drive with a digital copy along with all your other important documents.

From Todd L: How do you clean gun magazines?

Answer: Magazines tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and other debris. They get dropped in the dirt and the exhaust from the combustion chamber gets funneled right into them during shooting.

Depending on your specific magazine, you can take the magazine apart, remove the spring and completely clean and wipe down the magazine like you would a gun. For instance, I often throw my Glock magazines (taken apart) in soap and water to give them a good cleaning.

From Greg S: A person has a conceal carry permit and is carrying. Other than government buildings that do not allow private persons to carry weapons into them, what about other businesses and organizations that post signs that indicate no weapons allowed, are they not violating the carrying person’s Constitutional right to free speech?

Answer: In the context of gun laws, most states allow business owners to enforce their own policy regarding the carrying of guns on business premises.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but a business such as Wal-Mart is considered private property, therefore they have the right to ban people from carrying guns on their property.

Basically, its just like if your friend came to your house with a gun on his hip and you didn’t want him to bring it in, you have the right to tell him to leave since it’s your property.

From Mary A: I have a question about the Tasers. My question is how long will a battery last without the weapon being fired?

Answer: In order to work properly, Taser devices need their batteries replaced every couple of years depending on use. You should test the battery at least once a month and check the battery indicator to make sure the battery is charged.

Even if your battery indicator shows that the battery is not fully charged, as long as it’s at least 20% charged, it can deliver the necessary power.

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